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Final Christmas raffle and the BERNINA presser feet video 2020

Dear BERNINA Blog Readers,

On behalf of the whole BERNINA team and all BERNINA bloggers, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank you for your interest in all the contents of the BERNINA blog throughout this unforgettable year.  

This year, we were able to realize wonderful projects on the BERNINA Blog, most recently the amazing Sugaridoo Quilt Along. Thanks for so many participants! 🙂

This year’s Advent Calendar, we wanted to tell sewing stories straight “from the heart”. There is no sewing project behind this little door of the Advent Calendar, but we have something for you that you won’t miss – a video and a raffle where you can win a great prize!

The secret skills of BERNINA presser feet

It is Advent season and our sewing feet are on the road again! Our presser feet take a break from hectic everyday sewing life and venture into the snow. Watch the video to see how they do on skates! 

Our presser feet keep surprising us with their secret skills every year! 😉

The final raffle of our this year’s Advent Calendar

This article is the 24th door of our Advent Calendar 2020 and thus the last door. We are giving away three Goodie Bags with all kinds of BERNINA accessories that you can use for your next sewing stories.

How to participate in the raffle:

Write in the comments below why you love your sewing machine and which lovely sewing moment you would like to never forget.

You can post your comment until 6 January 2021. The raffle will take place in the same week.

You’re not (yet) sewing with a BERNINA? Take part in the raffle anyway! If the lottery is yours, you probably know a friend with a BERNINA who would be delighted to receive a gift. Or use the prize as an inspiration to switch to BERNINA.

Good luck in the raffle!

Best wishes,


Conditions of participation for the raffle

Acceptance of these conditions is a requirement for participation on the BERNINA Blog.

All persons who have left a comment under this post by January 06, 2021, 24.00 hours, will take part in the raffle.

Employees of BERNINA and their dependants are excluded from participation.

The winner will be drawn by random on 07 January 2021. The winner will then be notified by e-mail within seven days. We are not liable for the non-receipt or late delivery of the notification.

If the winner is unable or unwilling to accept the prize, we do not guarantee that an alternative prize or substitute can be offered. The prize cannot be paid out in cash and the claim to the prize cannot be assigned.

If there is no response to the email notification of the prize within 7 days, the prize will be cancelled.

The prize will be sent to the winner by mail. To make sure that the prize is delivered, the winner must provide correct name and address details after notification. If this is not done, the prize cannot be delivered. The prize will then be cancelled.

We reserve the right to interrupt or terminate this competition at any time or to vary the procedure and rules. Legal action is excluded.

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  • Susanne Blume

    I love my Berninas because there was no material yet I wasn’t able to sew with them. And a sewing moment I will never forget is the completion of my first quilt.

    Thank you for all the lovely content and the inspiration!

  • Isabel Clarke

    The Bernina Blog has been a lifeline throughout 2020.  There has been lots of interest, lots of inspiration and lots of helpful tips.  In particular the Advent Calendar was a source of pleasure and delight and I was captivated by the seasonal adventures of the Bernina feet.  Back in my house, recently purchased feet were getting their first outings and aided by the instructional videos my technical skills have been extended – again – by Bernina.  I look forward to continuing these adventures in 2021.  Thank you.

  • Susan Carine

    I received my first Bernina sewing machine in June this year as my old machine was about to blow up – I was so delighted with it that in December my husband bought me the Embroidery add on for Christmas  ( I have the 790 Plus) and my best Bernina moment was being able to embroider as well  as all the other things I can do on the machine – I also love being part of The Bernina Family and love the inspiration you have given me.

  • Elaine Houghton

    I love my 590 because it’s so easy to use and makes embroidery simple. My favourite sewing moment was when I realised how much longer I could sew without having to refill the bobbin!

  • Jan Du Bois

    My Bernina 790 Plus is my most Treasured possession.  I adore it in every way. It was love at first sight, but it continues to amaze, surprise and delight me more every time I use it.  It has improved the quality of my sewing immensely, due to it’s own superb quality, functions and features.  I will never forget the first time that I turned it on and started to sew, I was blown away by how beautifully it performed.  I knew instantly that I would never use my other sewing machines again, and was in love with my Bernina.  It is perfection.

  • Vicky Pelgroms

    This year I’ve bought my First Bernina sewing machine. I love the smoothness with which it sews, that you can place the needle in the fabric when you stop sewing, the possibility to easily cut your thread. I wished I purchased it years before. Keep up the good sewing machines!

  • Louise Hooyer

    Sewing is my unwinding time, after a long day at work. I love seeing my grandkids wearing what I make. Lately I have been making lots of sweat pants with fun flannel and fleece. It would be fun to win a goodie bag, making the year end with a positive!

  • Phyllis Bergh

    I just bought my Bernina & still working my way through the guide book. I’ve never had a sewing machine like my 770QE, and I’ve had several different brands of sewing machines! It’s so smooth and simply amazing & I can’t wait to complete a quilt on it!! Merry Christmas to me!!

  • Georgina Ferns

    I’m not sure I have a favourite sewing moment but n the last two years since treating myself to my beloved bernina however it has been a life line to me this year through lock downs and I’m not sure what I would ha done without it.
    my favourite project had been my wedding dress which is almost finished- we were due to be married this year and now that’s to being locked in the flat together I haven’t been able to finish it yet- hopefully my fiancé will be out the flat more soon so I can complete the finishing touches!  I think finishing that dress may be the highlight of my sewing when it’s finished

    Thank you for all your wonderful articles and tips

  • Pamela Blackman

    I love my two Berninas for their reliability and the wonderful functions they have.  The lovely sewing moment I do not want to forget is the moment I realised I could finally do free motion quilting after years of lessons and practice!

  • Mollie Rhodes

    i have enjoyed your advent  post, also my Bernina is a Record 830 which  i enjoyed using i have purchased non the older style feet(christmas present from my Husband )

  • Jan Allston

    I love both my 830 and 630 Berninas and wouldn’t be without them now.  My special moment was embroidering and sewing a banner for an altar front for a church in Glasgow.  It was a challenge – being 108″ long but only 17″ high.  Getting the lettering in exactly the right places was tricky but it all worked out brilliantly thanks to Designer Plus software and the expertise of the Bernina machine’s computer.

  • Mary Trounson

    I’d been sewing on an Elna SU which was a 21st birthday present 41 years ago and finally my husband said I could have a new Bernina 570QE after the Roadshow visit this year.  The first things I made on it were a Christmas Stocking for the embroiderers guild who donate these to the hospital each year,  a laundry bag for my Mum and face masks for myself and my husband. Just loved the ease of threading and knot stitch and how easy it is to change stitches. Then I finished the quilt I started on the Elna  – what a difference in making sure seams were matched and not having the start and end of seams start to unravel all because of the knot stitch. So far my new Bernina is so new to me, everything I have done on the Bernina so far has been a highlight

  • paulajane44

    I love sewing on my Bernina, one of my favorite moments was when I was able to purchase my machine, a special treat just for me.

  • Lynette Pike

    I love the bernina from the first stich of a quilt to the last. I have just learnt to sew on binding which is brilliant!


    One day would love to purchase a Bernina for quilting.  Thank you for all the projects over the year.  Love them all.  Take care & stay safe.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all the staff. Brenda

  • Ellen Icochea

    Merry Christmas, Bernina! I like the cute foot/skater ads! I have a B740 and a Q20! They are both a dream. I continue to use them and grow as a problem solving sewer to match skills with these exquisite machines!

  • Elizabeth Molleur

    I love my Bernina 830 Record.  The stitch is perfect and she always responds with precision.  After all these years she still keeps me happy sewing.   Because of her, my sister purchased a 790 and loves her machine.

  • Sandy Foster

    I love my 790+! Its capabilities are practically endless, and I love that it’s reliable for anything I ask it to do, whether sewing or embroidering. The one moment that stands out in my mind is a day when I was helping my granddaughter (11 years old at the time) to make a project. She’d been working on it with her Featherweight, but we got to a point where a zigzag stitch was much more logical than the straight stitch on her machine. We moved to my Bernina 790+, which handled the bulky layers without a hiccup. My granddaughter’s reaction was, “Wow! This machine is amazing!” I think she has Bernina envy now. 😉

  • Kathryn Childs

    My Bernina sewing machines have brought me the wonderful opportunities to make clothes for me and my family, to embroider original designs and copy the work of talented tutors and professionals. I have  made friends with like minded sewing people and enjoyed lovely times that wouldn’t have been possible without them.

  • Stephanie Hardy

    I love my Bernina machines because their quality stitching made me want to continue learning to sew before I really knew how to! Any other machine would probably have left me discouraged with poor results and I would never have continued on to learn new things. I will never forget the first Christmas gifts I made with my Bernina for family and friends. Every year gets better and better in more ways than one!

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