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Handmade Home Slippers

Hello Bernina lovers!

Winter is already here, time flies! Specially when you are busy sewing, don’t you think?

If you are still looking for that special handmade gift for Christmas (if you are reading this in another season, keep on reading because what I am going to show you is wearable all year long!).

So, like I was saying… I am going to talk about something you can quickly make for yourself or to give as a present everyone will love.

Handmade home slippers – Comfy and quickly made

Who doesn’t like to be comfy and warm at home? Well, I love that sensation of getting back home, taking out my outer shoes and fitting my feet in a pair of comfortable slippers. And even more, since I am the one making my own slippers, I can choose the fabric I use and the even the filling I put in between layers to add extra comfort.

Adults home slippers booties You Made My Day Patterns

I made my first pair of home slippers a few years ago and then I thought “why not developing the pattern so every maker can enjoy this pleasure of making and wearing them?” So that is what I did.

Materials for your handmade home slippers

This year again I have made myself a pair of home slippers with a couple of fabric scraps that I had and that I think match stupendously. I used some faux leather for the outer and fake fur (soooooo soft) for the inside.

This fabric combo means sturdy outside and super comfy inside, at least it does to me!

The faux leather comes from The Sweet Mercerie and the fake fur comes from Pretty Mercerie, 2 online haberdasheries that have beautiful fabric.

I was super happy to have the double feed foot already in my BERNINA 570 because I am usually not good at having 2 different kinds of fabrics aligned at the end of my seams. But this time, no problem at all! The alignment of my seams was perfect.

Pattern and instructions

If you want to make a pair of slippers or gift someone with a pair of handmade home slippers you can get the pattern and the step by steps here. This is a very simple sewing project and a perfect fabric scraps buster (and I love both things). The pattern comes in sizes 35 to 42, so once you’ll make a pair for you I am sure there will be more going under your sewing machine.

Adults home slippers booties You Made My Day Patterns Adults home slippers booties You Made My Day Patterns

And if you also want to make them for kids, you can get the children home slippers pattern here. It comes in sizes from 0-6 months to 10 years.

Look at these cutie handmade booties made with the pattern. Aren’t they super beautiful?

Kids home slippers booties You Made My Day Patterns

On all sizes you can use all sorts of fabric, from faux leather and fake fur as you can see in the pictures shown above, to fleece, French terry or even leather.

For a fluffier and more comfy effect you can add stuffing in between the soles and top stitch them.

So, what do you think, do you like them ?

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