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Instruction for an quickly sewn pincushion in heart shape

The theme of this year’s BERNINA Advent Calendar is “From the heart”. To celebrate this theme, we BERNINA bloggers have put together 24 creative ideas and instructions that we hope you will enjoy. For day six of the Advent calendar, I have brought along this quick tutorial showing you how to sew a quick and easy small pincushion for sewing enthusiasts. After all, not every home-sewn gift has to be elaborate – sometimes a little thing that comes from the heart is enough. In the Advent season, you should really slow down and not stress yourself with homemade projects that are too laborious.

Small finger pincushion 

Finger pincushion

All you need is a small square of fabric with an edge length of 10 x 10 cm and some fiberfill.

Materials for the pincushion

Fold the square with the right sides together to form a triangle.

Right sides together

Homemade pincushion

Sew the edges together with a seam allowance of about 0.5 cm, leaving a small turning opening.

Turning opening

Trim the seam allowance slightly at the corners and turn the small triangle.

Trim the corners

Now shape the corners nicely. This works really well with slightly curved tweezers.

Shape the corners of the pincushion

These tweezers are also great for stuffing the fiberfill into the miniature cushion. I like to fill it so it’s really firm, I but leave the points at the side empty.

Stuff with fiberfill

Now it’s time for some hand sewing

The turning opening of the pincushion is now sewn up by hand using an invisible stitch. I use the ladder stitch for this, also known as blind stitch. It is explained in detail HERE in this video.

Ladder stitch / blind stitch

To finish off the little gift, simply put the loose points one on top of the other and join them with a few hand stitches. As you do this, you can work out how wide to leave the opening for the finger.

Finishing off the finger pincushion

And your tiny creation is finished. It can now be worn on the finger or thumb for keeping pins on hand. The pin cushion can also be attached to the second spool holder on your sewing machine to hold a small selection of hand sewing needles for you, for example.

Pincushion on a sewing machine

I really like the finger pincushion – it’s a wonderful way to use small scraps of your favorite fabrics and, because it’s so quick to sew, you can spontaneously rustle up a lovely gift for your friends who enjoy sewing.

From the heart

And if you look at it with a little imagination, the finger pincushion actually looks like a little heart.

From the heart

I wish you a creative and relaxed Advent season, from the heart.

If you are looking for a pincushion for your sewing machine needles, why not take a look here: Sewing enthusiast’s needle parking lot

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