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My little story with BERNINA

Those who follow me on my social media know that I am a convinced BERNINA lover. My love for sewing and all crafty things started in my mum’s belly I think… I honestly think I have that crafty mind from both my parents who are very up cycling reusing all sorts of things…

During my first years I would knit, crochet, glue, cut, draw, write and create all sorts of things (my daughter’s Barbies still wear the crochet dresses I made for mine almost 30 years ago!). But sewing with a machine was always my dream as I thought you could go much further sewing fabric with a machine than by hand.

I bought my first sewing machine about 15 years ago and I must say that threading it was already a nightmare… and at that time there weren’t as many tutorials on internet to find the solutions I needed, so my sewing projects were kind of “non instagrammable” (instagram didn’t even exist at that time 😉 )

For a few years I just did some sewing here and there but willing to sew more and better was always in the back of my head… 

I proudly bought my first BERNINA

I finally started sewing more frequently about 5 years ago, and the more I sew the more I wanted a machine that would be capable of taking in all the different projects I had in mind. So after checking different options I proudly bought my 380 BERNINA and I must say that my first project was a bed cover that was quite thick, I was impressed with the capability of my machine to take all that in and make a beautiful stitch. I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that project without my BERNINA.

Many projects have followed that one

Forward to this past Summer when I got an email from BERNINA telling me they liked what I do and they wanted to talk to me. “Whaaaaaaat, am I dreaming? Please don’t wake me up!” Our discussion went super well and BERNINA proposed to be one of their bloggers… well, what can I say? So from now on, I’ll be reaching out to you with ideas, tutorials, projects and more that I will be making with my BERNINA B 570, which allows me to sew all kinds of fabrics and layers and to embroider also! In addition to quilting, which I may get started to do seeing how good it feels to sew with it.

I received a few hours of machine demonstration by Les Pointilleuses (a BERNINA exclusive dealer in Pau, the South of France) and I would recommend it to everyone, since the machine has so many possibilities and you want to use them all.

During the hours I spent with Victoria from Les Pointilleuses I was all amazed. All I could say was “Wow!”, “This is impressive!”, “Really? The machine can also do that?”

Just a few things that I find amazing in this machine…

The first thing that you see when unboxing this beauty is its weight. Heeeavy, which means more sturdy and capable of more. The machine is super stable and takes on amazing projects.

After that, what I loved first is the Jumbo bobbin. I love the idea of winding my bobbins less times and not running out of bobbing thread as many times as with a normal bobbin. This one holds up to 70% more thread, I love it!

Secondly, the dual feed that comes with. So easy to use and honestly it has already saved me a few headaches when sewing different types of fabrics together, I usually get un-matching edges and with the dual feed my latest projects have been perfect.

I also love having a bigger space for my projects.

And I still haven’t tried all the machine capabilities but I love being able to embroider letters and designs so easily.

These are just the first few features that Wowed me but everyday I am discovering more.

I will be shortly showing you the projects I have already made so far with my 570. I hope you’ll love my projects and if you have any question I’ll be glad to be of any help.

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  • Judy Wasenius

    I am already fascinated by your site and I haven’t read that much.  All I know is I love my Brrnina and want to learn more of its capabilities!

    • Amaia Arana

      Oh Judy! that is so sweet! I am always thrilled to know that my little world pleases other people. And yes, we both love our Bernina! wouldn’t change that for anything! 😉

  • Dinah Banton

    I have owned a Bernina since 1979.  I have the original 830 and still using it.  It has many hours on it but the machine does not track the hours.  The machine is still running and getting a workout on a daily basis.    I have invested in many feet and he can do everything from quilting, making clothes and quilting.  Bernina is the best ever!

    • Amaia Arana

      Hi Dinah,

      Wow! that is a long run sewing machine! but I totally see that Bernina is super sturdy and super reliable. I am so happy I made the decision of purchase my 380 3 years ago and now having the 570 I know I am good for the rest of my life!

      Looking forward to exchanging more with all Bernina lovers!



    • Amaia Arana

      Hi Mary, thank you! I am really excited and happy discovering all its features. This machine is just awesome!

      I hope you like the things I make with 😉



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