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Sewing Christmas tree decorations with photo

Getting together with family is particularly close to our hearts at Christmas. Everyone gets to see each other again at last and spend some lovely relaxing time together. No matter how far away a new job, partner or the allure of living abroad has taken us, at Christmas we make our way home to be with our family.

But will that be possible this year? Certainly not to the same extent as in recent years. Social distancing is going to affect our Christmas plans. But even if we may not see each other in person, it’s important to me that all our loved ones can still gather in our living room and that we think of them often. So this year, I’ve created some very special Christmas tree decorations. They are personalized with photos of our family. If our loved ones can’t sit around our tree, at least their images will be hanging on our tree this year and they will be among us in some way. Instructions for sewing Christmas tree decorations with photo can be found below.

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Materials – Sewing Christmas tree decorations

For one Christmas decoration, you will need:

  • A piece of felt
  • A piece of transparent film (I used transparent raincoat fabric)
  • A piece of leftover gift ribbon 
  • Metallic sewing thread from Mettler
  • A photo of your loved ones
  • A template with a Christmas design 

Sewing a Christmas tree decoration


First of all, you need two felt shapes as the surround for your decoration. For this, place the template on the felt, draw round it twice and cut out the pieces. It is important that you only cut out the window in one of the felt pieces.

You will also need to cut the shape out of the film, again without a window. And last but not least, you also have to cut your photo to size.

You then put these four parts on top of each other as follows: Felt with no window – photo – film – felt with window.

Sewing a Christmas tree decoration

Now fold a piece of gift ribbon in half and place it between the photo and the back layer of felt as a hanger. A little tip: I glued the layers together with a few spots of Stylefix.

Then secure all the layers with fabric clips.

Sewing a Christmas tree decoration

It is now almost finished, all that’s left is to sew around the edge. You can either use a simple straight stitch or a playful decorative stitch – you can really indulge your creativity here. Thanks to the fabulous metallic effect thread from Mettler, the sewing really catches the eye.

Sewing a Christmas tree decoration

Alternative use

Instead of using them as Christmas tree decorations, I can also imagine these would look great tied onto Christmas presents as gift tags. Instead of a photo, a beautifully hand-lettered Christmas greeting would also be perfect here.

Sewing a Christmas tree decoration

Sewing a Christmas tree decoration

I hope you enjoy sewing these Christmas tree decorations and your rather unique family gathering.

Best wishes,


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