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Sewing gloves – instructions and pattern for a heart glove

In this post I will show you how to sew gloves. Strictly speaking, I am talking about just one glove – and this glove has a special shape: we are sewing a heart glove. 

The theme of this year’s BERNINA Advent Calendar is “From the heart”. I think it is particularly fitting for the times that we have just been through and that we still find ourselves in. If we as a family have felt anything much more deeply since spring, it is the value of loved ones who are with us every day and bring so much heart to our lives. For me, these are particularly my two girls.

These two have shown me what it means to feel deep love and connection. They bring so much heart into our lives every day, so much unconditional love and pure joy, which as an adult I often bury deep under all my responsibilities and worries. I love to make them happy every day. Whether it’s a little surprise in their lunch box, a game together in the afternoon, housework that can be postponed until tomorrow or an extra cuddle in bed in the evening. Most things cost little or no money and require little effort. The joy and gratitude is just as great every time. And what could be nicer than looking into the sparkling eyes of your children?

And so it quickly became clear to me that my project for the advent calendar should have something to do with my girls.

For a long time I have had an idea for a heart glove on my Pinterest board (we’ve all been there, right?) that you can slip your hands into and snugly hold hands while walking. My girls have been looking forward to me finishing this project for a while. They both still love holding my hand when we are walking. I hope it stays that way for a long time – You and Me.

Sewing gloves – sewing instructions for a heart glove

This is how to sew your own heart glove, which can of course also be used by couples.


  • 2x cuff fabric measuring 18 x 16 cm
  • 2x sweat remnant approx. 30 x 30 cm
  • Optional: plotter and film for the lettering

Heart glove – download pattern

You can download the heart shape here: Heart shape.

The size is big enough for two children’s or two adult hands. If you are using fabric that does not stretch, it is better to cut it out with double the seam allowance.

You can download the “You and Me” lettering here: Lettering.


First of all, cut out two heart shapes from your stretchy fabric and two cuffs measuring 18 x 16 cm. You should also transfer the markings onto the heart. This is the place that will remain open later.

If you want to apply the lettering, then now is the time to press it onto the right side of one of the hearts.

Now place the hearts with the right sides together and sew them together using an elastic stitch or with the overlocker. Make sure you leave openings in your heart between the marks. Then turn the heart the right way out.

Sew up the two cuff pieces along the short side with the right sides together and attach them to the openings in the heart.

And your heart glove is finished and ready to bring a sparkle to the eyes of your children (or your partner)!

Free sewing instructions: Heart glove

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