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Sewing Self-Made Face Masks for Children – free pattern and tutorial

Hello Bernina lovers!

I am still in the first days of sewing with my brand new machine… and I have plenty of projects that I already want to share with you. I’ll start from the beginning, what do you think?

As soon as I had my BERNINA 570 I decided to try with a small project that would allow me to get a quick hands on the machine.

The government had just announced that kids had to wear masks to go to school starting on that upcoming Monday. I thought it was the perfect excuse to do some sewing J Like I need excuses to do so…

But I didn’t want to get started with a big project straight away since it was the first time using my new machine.

So I decided to make a couple of masks for my daughter since the size smaller kids need is different from the adults I had previously made.

And of course, it was also the perfect excuse to try some of the embroidery letters and designs that come with the machine. 

I also love using fabric scraps and I must say that making masks is a great fabric scrap buster.

Sewing self-made face masks for children

I had made a few adult masks before but since children need smaller masks I decided to trace my own little pattern to make the masks. I thought this may be of help for you if you also have to make children masks. So I will briefly explain here how I made it and I share below the measurements of the masks I made.


I am sharing with you here the pattern you can trace directly on the fabric you are going to use to make the masks.


Sewing self-made face masks – instructions

You should cut this rectangle 2 times, one in the main fabric (outer) and one in the lining (inner).

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask

I used some beautiful fabric scraps from Fairy Factory and Pretty Mercerie. And since I knew I wanted to embroider some designs on it, I went for the darker color for the outer piece.

I pre pressed the pleats on each piece.

You Made My Day Patterns kids maskYou Made My Day Patterns kids mask

You just simply have to sew the 2 mask pieces rights sides facing and tucking in the elastic bands with the edges aligned to the edges of the fabric. Sew everything at 1 cm seam allowance.

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask

Leave a gap of 5 cm at the bottom in order to turn the mask right sides out.

Before turning it out, trim the corners.

When the mask is right side out, fold in the seam allowance left in the gap. Fold downwards the pleats previously pre-pressed and top stitch all around at 3 mm from the border closing the piece.

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask

Add some embroidery on your self-made face masks

Once my masks were finished, I added some little embroidery that comes in my BERNINA 570 presets. On one I embroidered hearts and on the other one I embroidered stars, both were my daughter’s choices.

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask

I also wanted to give it a more personal touch, since masks should be strictly for personal use, by embroidering my daughter’s surname… Juju

You Made My Day Patterns kids mask


I hope that this little mask tutorial is useful if you have to make masks for children.

Other projects have already seen the light thanks to my wonderful 570 (I am in love with it 😉 ) and I’ll be sharing them with you shortly so stay tuned!

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