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Embroider insects on coasters – free files

Embroider insects on coasters, what a beautiful effect! You could use them as well to embellish or repair clothes.

These shapes are really cool, aren’t they?

This is what you need for embroidered coasters:

  • 2 scraps of middleweight or heavyweight cotton (or jeans)
  • 2 scraps of the same size for extra firmness (you could recycle fabric, or take the same as the outside of the coasters)
  • Mettler Poly Sheen embroidery thread
  • Cut away stabilizer
  • Temporary adhesive spray Mettler Web Bond is useful.
  • Application scissors – use them if you have them.
  • Would you like waterproof coasters? Apply textile hardener
  • BERNINA Maxi hoop
  • The embroidery files with all 6 insects in EXP or PES: Insect coasters
  • The embroidery files with single insecs in EXP or PES: Single Insect Coasters

Let’s get started to embroider insects on coasters:

Hoop the cut away stabilizer in the Maxi hoop.

Put 2 scraps of fabric on top of the stabilizer, with the tempoary adhesive spray (or pins). The upper layer is the one for the upper side of the coasters.

Embroider the first step, it fixes the fabric tot he stabilizer. You have 6 embroidered circles.

The circles attach the fabric to the stabilizer.

Now you will embroider the insects for the coasters. Take the colors that you have chosen.

Fix or pin the fabric to the back side of you project. Take 2 layers again, for firm coasters.

Embroider the circles for the second time. Cut away the fabric close to the circles.

Take care not to cut the embroidered thread…

Cut away the fabric on the right side of the project.

Take bobbinthread in the same color as the upper embroidery thread for the outlines.

Embroider the outlines.

Finish by cutting away loose threads (you could burn them near a candle flame, but take care not to burn the embroidery thread…)

Don’t you think they are nice? You see it’s easy to embroider insects on coasters.

Would you like a waterproof surface? Finish them with textile hardener. Take several of the hardener.

I’m looking forward to parties!

Embroider insects on coasters, so original!

Or would you use these as a stylish patch on a sweater or shirt? Take only 2 layers of fabric. It is more flexible.

Sew them a 2 mm along the outline. It’s easy when using the edgefoot nr 10.

Free embroidery pattern: Embroider insects on coasters

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    Love these designs however they are too large for my 5×7 hoop.  Is there a smaller version or can I get the bugs individually?  

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