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Embroidering with unconventional fabrics

Embroidering with unconventional fabrics

We tend to think limited when it comes to embroidering.

But i have found with the Bernina Bravo there are just no limits to what you can achieve.

Embroidering with unconventional fabrics is a great way to experiment, and to see what else is possible?

Bernina Melco bravo


Choosing a fabric for your embroidery project

The sky is truly the limit, we put it to the test and chose the most unconventional fabric that we could think of.

Faux fur seemed to be the best candidate, crazy right? Or that is at least what you would think.


Foe fur

Step 1 – Use a puffy foam layer on top of the fabric

To prevent the fur from protruding through your stitches, place and secure a layer of puffy foam on top of the faux fur.

This is to give your embroidery more definition, and to give it a nice clean an professional look.


Puffy Foam

Step 2 – set your  Actifeed according to the fabric that you are about to embroider.

We have found that an actifeed set to a minimum of 13 works the best for this density of faux fur,

When embroidering with unconventional fabrics it is best to play around with this setting to see what works best.

Do not forget to adjust your pressure foot to the correct hight, this will also depend on the density.

Here we adjusted it to the maximum hight.

Step 3 – Press start to begin your new embroidery project

Once your embroidery is done, the hardest part is to decide what to do with your new creation,

when life gives you unconventional fabric….. make a bag!

As faux fur is a trend and can be found from jackets to shoes we have decided to create a clutch!

The outcome was really outstanding, The Bernina Bravo is really easy to handle and capable of embroidering just about anything.

gert clutch bag

Trying another foe fur variant to embroider

We have also tried this method with a shorter plush faux fur, and the results were just as great, and the product 

has proven to be popular. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra thought 

and creative thinking you put into a new product.


gert foe fur clutch


Embroidering with unconventional fabrics is really not as difficult as you might think, if it is fabric it can be embroidered.

The Bernina Bravo just makes it exceptionally easy as it is just so user friendly.

The sky is the limit, and it is always such a great creative process to see how you can create something that is on par with the most current trends.




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