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Thread Painting Cedric the Sea Turtle

I had so much fun with the previous thread-painted article, the fish (in a previous blog) that I decided to create another one! The underwater scene that I am busy creating still needs more creatures and I want to keep everything light and almost transparent.

A Different Technique

In order to create Cedric the Sea Turtle I made use of totally different colours and techniques even though it is still thread-painting. It is always more enjoyable for me to try something new and fresh. In this case, it was a new technique.

Choosing a Background Fabric

I have stacks and stacks of folded organza in a variation of different colours. This is where I went and looked to find a suitable background fabric for Cedric. I chose two layers of gold organza. As a stabiliser, I used two layers of Avalon Plus. The list of what you will need in order to create your own Cedric, is below.

You will need:

  • Organza
  • Avalon plus
  • Lots of your choice of embroidery threads
  • A reference picture of a sea turtle
  • A strong embroidery hoop
  • A water-soluble pen or a fine tipped permanent pen
  • A light box
  • A machine of which the feed dogs are dropped.

How to create it

  • Start by sewing the outline of the furrows on the carapace using straight stitches
  • Shade, using the correct colours to show high and low lying areas.
  • All shading on the shell is done using long and short stitching.
  • Pay attention to the shading of the scaly flippers and neck area.
  • Sew highlights if necessary
  • Soak out the Avalon Plus and allow to dry.
  • Cut out carefully
  • Singe all round using a soldering iron.
  • Sew onto the background by hand or machine.

The underwater scene where Cedric will be sewn on was quilted beforehand. I might, after all, decide to use him somewhere else and leave the underwater scene just completely without any sea creatures. This decision will have to be made at some point!

My Thread Painted Sea Turtle on Sheer Fabric.

This underwater scene was quilted first and then embellished. Working this way, means that once the embellishing is done, the quilt is complete. Mine is still a work in progress but you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram #tillydeharde to see more on this!

Free tutorial: Thread painting on sheer fabrics

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to Complete: Weekend
Used Material: Avalon Plus, Isacord machine embroidery thread., organza
Used Products:
Free-Motion Embroidery Foot #24
Free-Motion Embroidery Foot #24
Medium hoop
Medium hoop

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