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Creating your own lace with the BERNINA Bravo

Creating your own custom lace

Why search endlessly through fabric stores to find the perfect lace when you can create your very own?

Not only does it look more expensive, but it also adds that extra touch of exclusivity.

Customizing your own design

Creating your own custom lace

Custom lace top

As you can see in this photo, it is just something completely different than the mundane store-bought lace, you can truly make your mark and take a gown from ordinary to extraordinary in a few simple steps.

  1. Choose your base fabric wisely, here we used tulle which is a rather delicate fabric.
  2. We created the lace patterns using a triple layer of tulle to give it a luxurious 3D look.
  3. Use a double layer of water dissolvable backing just to make sure that everything stays in place.
  4. make sure that the outer stitch is broad enough so the pattern can be easily cut.
  5. Once your patterns are cut out you can stitch them in place on a single layer of tulle to create a sheer look.

Creating a chunkier lace

Creating your own custom lace

Chunky lace and crystals

Your imagination can truly run wild when creating your own lace.

Create your own base fabric by adding beads.

Here we used straight lines of bugle beads to make it extra glamorous.

The first example was more delicate, where you can create a more bold look by using pieces which is more solid.

Choose a pattern and embroider different sizes and forms to create texture.

Add crystals and beads to your custom lace

Creating your own custom lace

Lace with beads and crystals

Creating your own lace does not have to stop with embroidering alone.

Add in crystals and beads, this truly pushes it over the edge and gives it an extra dimension.

The Bernina Bravo embroidering machine truly makes this so easy!

If you design wedding dresses this will give you the upper hand

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