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Nautical Nan T-shirt by La Maison Victor

Musthave T-shirt: Nan by La Maison Victor

Today I will show you how I sewed this stylish T-shirt by La Maison Victor. How cool is this T-shirt pattern Nan by La Maison Victor? A classic and a must have for your closet, if you ask me. And the first project where I used my new overlock machine: B64 Airlock.

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Normally I wouldn’t go for a nautical look, but after seeing the Nan pattern from La Maison Victor I was curious how I would combine it. I was particularly intrigued by the neckline. On Pinterest I collected inspiration for several T-shirt outfits mixing this beautiful basic. Combining it with yellow, green or orange, totally fun and ready for the Spring!

The fabric

The fabric received from La Maison Victor was beautiful and beyond expectations. It is a soft jersey fabric and the stripes are not printed on or fully blended in the fabric. In fact they are small strips partly on top and partly woven in the fabric. This gives the fabric a nice structure.

Before I dared to cut into the fabric, I made a test Nan T-shirt from scraps of jersey fabric. Especially to practice the neckline. This would be the first time that I would make such a square neckline with stretchy fabric. It turned out to be quite simple. The instructions in La Maison Victor were again very clear.

Pattern adjustments

The test version taught me that I wanted to lower the neckline of the T-shirt a bit. With 3 cm. For this I adjusted the neckline of the front piece (A) and extended the long part (F) of the collar.

For the sleeves, I knew that the wide cuff at the height of my upper arms wouldn’t flatter me. To determine the length I used a drawing app to view different options. I took a picture of the Nan T-shirt and drew some options on it. I went for number 4, with a more subtle cuff.

Sew and / or overlock

You can easily sew a T-shirt made with jersey fabric with a lock machine. For that I would use the 4 thread overlock stitch with integrated safety seam. Still, when assembling the Nan T-shirt, I chose to stitch it first with the sewing machine and then finish it nicely with the overlocker. This order is certainly necessary when matching the stripes where I stitch over pins. Daredevil!

3 thread overlock wide for side seams

3 thread overlock small for cuffs and collar, blue on top and white under to prevent treads to prevent the blue collar from showing through

for the collar I used the 3-thread overlock narrow, blue at the top and white at the bottom to prevent the blue collar from showing through

For stitching the cuffs with the sewing machine I used the elastic thread Seraflex by Mettler thread. With this thread you don’t have to use a stretch stitch or zigzag stitch as it will stretch with the fabric. An additional advantage I think is that if something goes wrong, it is easier to take out than, for example, the stretch stitch. I stitched the side seams of this T-shirt with a slight zigzag, due to the lack of a suitable colour of stretch thread. Also okay!

Matching the stripes

Matching the stripes is a precise job and for this you need at least enough pins. On the inside of this fabric you could see where a line starts.

Place the stripes on top of each other as much as possible and start with pinning in line with the stripe and at right angles to the seam. Where you insert the pin, check whether it also comes out at the bottom along the stripe. This is also the place that you will be stitching over. If you deviate from this, the stripes may not match exactly.

At the side seam the matching was quite easy and I also matched a few stripes from the sleeve with the armhole. It isn’t possible to match all of this, because in the sleeve head the distance between the stripes increases, because of its round shape. At the front and back of the T-shirt I managed to match 3 or 4 stripes. Due to the stretch you can smuggle a little bit and pull the fabric a bit more to the left or to the right, so that the stripes match. Watch out, don’t stretch it too much, it won’t look good.

A nice La Maison Victor project was completed and my first meters on the B64 Airlock machine are a fact. I am happy with my Nan T-shirt and look forward to more fun projects to share with you.

Until then! 





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