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Brand New Synthetic Fabric

I very successfully created my brand new, synthetic fabric on the Bernina Q24. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised to realise how well the machine coped! There was no batting to give the work a bit of body and yet, I had no problems with the tension! My expectation was that there might be difficulty stitching over the different layers but again, no problem! The Q24 gently purred along at top speed!

Graffiti Sketching on Created Fabric

Graffiti Quilting

Once the new fabric was created, I planned to do some graffiti quilting on it using Foot #24. A problem arose when none of my regular threads showed up on the background! Luckily I don’t allow a setback like that to hold me back. After trying various colours, I decided on the Isacord Magenta machine embroidery thread and started with the graffiti. Soon I realised that this was also problematic as it didn’t show up sufficiently. The only solution was to go over the same lines more than once. Some of the lines were sewn over five and even six times but it was so worth it!

Close-up of Graffiti Sketching




  • Your long arm or domestic machine
  • Synthetic machine embroidery thread in your favourite colour
  • Foot #24 or your darning foot
  • A sketchbook and pencil to practice your graffiti

What next!

While the Q24 purred gently through all the moves, my mind was already on the next step. All this work up till this moment, were in preparation for the art work that was going to be created on it. I have a plan and a picture that I am going to be ‘drawing’ onto this fabulous fabric, using the Q24 as a drawing tool. This will happen in my next blog so be sure to watch out for it!

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Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: Isocord machine embroidery thread, Newly created synthetic fabric
Used Products:
Free-motion embroidery foot # 24
Free-motion embroidery foot # 24

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    • Tilly de Harde

      Hi Brenda, I love finding different things to do with sewing machines, whether they are domestic or longarm machines, it doesn’t matter. I hope to inspire other people to do the same! Of course, to combine different techniques and use up some of my machine compost, make everything so much nicer!

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