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Embroider a card with a positive quote

Embroider a card with a positive quote, it is so much fun to make and is appreciated by the one who gets it. For a birthday or without reason for your neighbors? Make someone happy!

And be sure, ‘Everything will be all right!’.

You can choose whether you make it for hanging or not. If you don’t like to make the hole, just stop embroidering after you finished the frame of the card.

Check post sizes and tariffs. You can easily make an envelop by folding a standard printer sheet.

Supplies for this card with a positive quote:

  • Light colored heavy weight fabric (minimum size 19 x 14 cm)
  • Stirdy Decovil (stabiliser for bags) in the same size
  • Cut away stabilizer
  • Embroidery thread Mettler Poly Sheen (1 color a little darker than your fabric and 5 contrasting colors)
  • Bobbin thread Mettler Bobbinette
  • Mettler Web Bond temprary adhesive spray is useful.
  • A revolving punch tool or the punchtool from the Eyelet embroidery accessory to make a hole.
  • A rotary cutter and mat are useful.
  • The embroidery file (free download), click on this link: Everything all right 17 x 12
  • The BERNINA 700
  • The Large oval hoop
Image of Large oval hoop.

Large oval hoop

The Large oval embroidery hoop is suitable for both design combinations and extensive embroidery designs. The template makes quick work of accurately positioning the project in the hoop.

Learn more
Image of BERNINA 700.


The B 700 convinces with many new, innovative functions such as the pinpoint placement. Moreover, this embroidery machine comes with many embroidery patterns.

Learn more

Let’s take a close look at the free file:

Download the embroidery file with the link.. It is designed in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

Image of BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

The new BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 includes a whole new range of new features and 3D effects for unique surface embellishments.

Learn more

These are the overall properties:

Look at the color sequence:

An overview of the embroidery objects:

For the embroidery objects 1 and 2 you can take the color that you will choose for object 3. (Object 1 shows you the size of the card, object 2 only sews the fabric to the stabilizer and object 3 is the background stipple stitch). For object 8 you should take the fabric color again.


Let’s start embroidering:

Hoop the stabilizer and embroider the first object.

Put the fabric on top, and be sure the rectangle is covered. Temporary adhesive spray is very useful!

Embroider all objects and finish nr 7 (the flowers). Take the hoop away from the machine

Place the Decovil on the back of the project with the glue towards the stabilizer. (Find a fitting object to put the embroidery hoop with project on, you could iron the Decovil oto the stabilizer). The next rectangle sews the Decovil to the card.

Take matching bobbin thread with the color you chose for the ouline.

After embroidering the frame, change the bobbin to white Bobbinette thread again.

Embroider the circle for the hole. Punch it out with the smallest tool of the Eyelet embroidery attachment # 82

Image of Eyelet embroidery attachment # 82.

Eyelet embroidery attachment # 82

Six different sizes of eyelet studs allow you to create 6 different sizes of eyelet. Also included is Presser foot for eyelet embroidery #92, a free-motion foot which doesn’t press the fabric against the feed dog – Instead, the vertical spring movement of the presser foot (hopper mechanism) holds the fabric down while stitching, preventing the fabric from being lifted along with the needle (“flagging”).

Learn more

If you don’t have it, you could also use one of the small holes of a revolging punch tool.

Embroider the last object: it’s a satin stitch circle to finish the hole.

Cut out the card with the rotary cutter and remove loose threads if necessary.

Embroider a card with a positive quote, don’t doubt. Be the one who brings sunshine and joy.

Do you have suggestions for more quotes for other cards? Tell me in the comments.

Free embroidery pattern: Embroider a positive quote

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Evening
Used Material: cut-away stabilizer, Decovil, heavy weight fabric, Mettler Bobbinette, Mettler Poly Sheen embroidery thread, Mettler Web Bond
Used Products:
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8
Cording Foot with 5 Grooves #25
Cording Foot with 5 Grooves #25
Eyelet embroidery attachment # 82
Eyelet embroidery attachment # 82

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