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La Maison Victor Odette hacked into shoulder pad t-shirt

La Maison Victor Odette hacked into a shoulder pad t-shirt

My go-to pattern for t-shirts is the Odette top from La Maison Victor. I already sewed many versions of this beautiful basic. In this blog you can read how I hacked the Odette into a t-shirt with shoulder pads. These shoulder pad t-shirts are currently trending. My aim was to make one with a subtle shoulder.

I mainly used my bernette 64 AIRLOCK to make this top.

Image of bernette 64 AIRLOCK.

bernette 64 AIRLOCK

The overlocker with an air threader to automatically thread the loopers. It‘s never been so easy to get started. The b64 AIRLOCK has even more to offer: the freearm makes it easy to sew sleeves and cuffs.

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After making two versions I fine-tuned the pattern, I would like to share the steps to turn your Odette top into a shoulder padd t-shirt. One with a beautifully finished facing on the inside.

The pattern

The fabric

I made the first version of the Odette hack with a Punta di Roma stretch fabric. A nice fabric to work with and because of the print it doesn’t need anything else. For the second version I had plain jersey fabric in mind and thought it would be nice to add something extra. Like some small pleats on the shoulder.

The pleats

At the shoulder I added again 4 cm to the hacked pattern and placed two small pleats, each 1 cm deep. I only did this on the front. The back piece remains as it was.

The marks are 2 cm apart. Folded they create a 1 cm deep pleat.

The construction

After sewing the shoulder and side seams I first finished the neckline.

Then it’s time for the shoulder pads in this Odette hack. The pads are enclosed in a facing on the inside and fixed by hand stitching. Like this:

Inside out

Subtle shoulders

The threads

All seams in this shoulder pad t-shirt are sewn with the overlocker. Seraflock from Mettler that I used is ideal for stretch fabrics. Seraflock is a soft and supple overlock thread and is elastic. For top stitching I used the Seralon thread, also by Mettler. The colours I chose match very well with the pink fabric, making it very easy to finish the top neatly.

I hope the explanation of the Odette hack was clear. Otherwise let me know in the comments below. My shoulder pad t-shirts are ready for summer! Bring out the sun!






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    I am so impressed by the thoughtful planning involved in adding the shoulder pads.  Once planned and hacks/patterns made, the same process can be used in similar ways. The top is so cute and trendy.  Love the added pleats.

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