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Sewing tip – turning your straps easily

Hello Bernina lovers!

Here I am with a new sewing tip that I find super useful and such a time winner!

How many times have you sewn a thin strap right sides together and when you have to turn it right sides out, it takes sooooo much time you feel like you need a yoga class to get that stress out J

Honestly, sometimes the straps were so teene tiny that my fingertips hurt! Has that happened to you?

Well, one time I had enough of wasting my time (and having painful finger tips) that I decided to try this idea I had in mind…. I thought that if I sew a rope to one of the edges of the straps and let it as long (even longer) than the strap, I could be able to pull the rope out and that would help me to turn the strap right sides out… do you follow me?

I did it and what a surprise! It worked! So easily and in 30 seconds my strap was perfectly right sides out, my fingertips happy and that time I didn’t waste, a winner situation, don’t you think?

So I thought, my Bernina lovers are going to like this tip.

See below the different steps so you can understand better how this “turning a strap sewing tip” works

Here we go!

When sewing your strap right sides together I suggest you add a fine rope to the top side edge, in between the 2 fabric layers. The longest side of your rope should be facing down.

I used cooking rope for this strap, you can use any type but it shouldn’t be too thick.

Sew the fabric and rope tucked in within your top seam allowance.

Then, sew your strap as you would usually do, sewing one or two sides right sides facing and leave a gap at the bottom of the strap.
Then, return your bottom edge fabric a little bit and start pulling out the rope from it (make sure the rope is tightly sewn at the top) and keep on turning up (right side out) your strap fabric while you keep on pulling the rope.

Do this till you have completely turned your strap right sides out.

You can already see the strap being right sides out, magic isn’t it?

Then, you can cut your rope right at the seam (the little piece of rope that remains inside the strap can also be taken out by slowly pulling it).

And Ta-Dah!

Your strap is perfectly returned the right way without taking you all those long, sometimes hours to do it!

This sewing tip may work less easily with thin fabrics, but I’d suggest to also try it on those thicker fabrics, as for they are specially difficult to turn right sides out.

If you want to see other sewing tips keep checking my Bernina articles and those of my fellow Bernina sewistas here!



Free sewing instructions: Turning your straps easily

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