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Modern Monogramming


Monogramming has been around for hundreds of years, first appearing on coins representing the names of Greek cities which issued the coins. Later on  it was used as signatures by Artist. Represented Monarchies, used as resistance symbols in war times, to individualise personal garments or to represent a union and placed on wedding gifts such as hand towels.

What changed?

Traditional monograms is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters. Starting with the First name, then Last Name and then middle name, but more recently it has grown into a simpler representation of your initials or name. For example my name Gert-Johan Coetzee would be G.J.C. or gert.

More Personalised Embroidery

This is by far the most popular embroidery trend of the season. The reason is that people love personalised items and the sentimental value of the design. Even a simple gift can now feel more valuable when it contains a personalised embroidery.

The options are almost limitless with the Bernina Embroidery machine and Design Shop/ Bernina Toolbox programs.


Open up your design program and load a new design page, thereafter select the lettering function. Scroll down the alphabet options and select monogram.

Select Alphabet


I selected a simpler design so that my initials can be the focal point. After the selection remember to add the frame by selecting the number of your chosen monogramming style. I think adding a frame to my initials creates a more polished look.


Decorative frame


Now that my initials have been added it’s time to save my design and get embroidering.

Add initials

Are you ready for my simple statement design?


Final result

I would love to hear about your monogramming experience, please share it with me in the comment section below.


To see more of my work head to our instagram page @gertjohancoetzee



Free embroidery tutorial: Modern Monogramming

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