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Time to shine! We unveil three glamorous special models

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Two months ago, I told you here that the theme of the blog for the second half of the year was “Time to shine!”. We are bringing you blog posts on the theme of glitz and glamour with the aim of inspiring anticipation for our new special models. You can find an overview of all the sparkly posts here. In the fall, we are launching three new BERNINA machines for which we have created shimmering, individually tailored costumes with Swarovski® crystals. 

Ideas and tutorials for your next glamorous sewing adventure

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Are you excited to see what the sparkling machines look like? We are proud to unveil them today:

For once, the word “brilliant” hits the nail on the head, don’t you think?

The limited-edition machines – BERNINA 590 Crystal Edition, B 790 PLUS Crystal Edition and B 880 PLUS Crystal Edition – will be available from dealers in the fall. You can find more information about the products here:

Three sewing and embroidery machines for making highly polished creations

The B 590, B 790 PLUS and B 880 PLUS limited Crystal Edition machines bring elegance to any studio. And these machines not only look good in their fine outfits: behind their glamorous exterior, they have Swiss sewing and embroidery technology:

  • The BERNINA 590 Crystal Edition is a modern sewing and embroidery machine with a color touchscreen, that combines innovative editing functions with ease of use, extremely smooth operation and absolutely precise stitch formation.
  • The BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition combines the advantages of the B 590 with an exceptionally large work area and a wealth of decorative stitches and embroidery designs.
  • The BERNINA 880 PLUS Crystal Edition is the top model of BERNINA. It features a huge selection of stitches, stitch patterns and embroidery designs, as well as the most modern software and functions.
Image of BERNINA 880 PLUS Crystal Edition.

BERNINA 880 PLUS Crystal Edition

The BERNINA 880 PLUS Crystal Edition is the top model of BERNINA. It features a huge selection of stitches, stitch patterns and embroidery designs, as well as the most modern software and functions. Equipped with the new embroidery module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) for an elevated embroidery experience, this rare gem is the queen of exclusivity.

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Image of BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition.

BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition

It’s time to shine – The BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition combines the finest technology with innovation and all the space you need. The new embroidery module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) will let you embroider even smoother, quieter and faster than before. Simply put – this charming machine will illuminate your creative spirit.

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Image of BERNINA 590 Crystal Edition.

BERNINA 590 Crystal Edition

It’s your time to shine! Experience the beauty of the B 590 Crystal Edition. With an incredible inspiration kit including dazzling Swarovski® crystals, extra feet and exclusive embroidery designs, this limited edition will let your artistic side shine. The handy trolley set and embroidery module make this Crystal Edition complete!

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The three machines come with an Inspiration Kit in the form of an attractive metal box designed to match the machines. The kit contains two additional presser feet, a USB stick containing selected embroidery patterns, and a glittering selection of Swarovski stones.

A trolley system in the Crystal Edition design, consisting of a wheeled case for the sewing machine and a bag for the embroidery module, completes the product range.


Smart Drive Technology SDT – more precision and speed when embroidering

The B 880 PLUS, B 790 PLUS and the B 590 come with an embroidery module.

The B 790 PLUS and the B 880 PLUS have an additional special feature: the machines have a brand new embroidery module with Smart Drive Technology:

This latest innovation from BERNINA ensures that the machines embroider even more smoothly, quietly and quickly. The embroidery speed is up to 55% higher than previous BERNINA embroidery modules.

Free sewing instructions for a cocktail dress

Do you remember the preview images of the cocktail dress I published here on the blog about two months ago? The images only showed close-ups and there was no view of the whole dress. Let’s update that now: 

The dress can also be seen in the following video, which will accompany the launch of the Crystal Edition:

I hope you like the glamorous design! It comes from Katia Convents. In her studio, the German designer has created costumes for TV shows such as “Let’s Dance”, among other things. Katia likes to decorate her creations with rhinestones and embroidery. She has designed the Crystal Edition dress exclusively for BERNINA.

Pattern and embroidery files for free download

This cocktail dress looks light, charming and modern without sacrificing elegance. It is also versatile: you can cut a fine figure not only at an elegant dinner or at the theater, but also at the club or at private parties. Maybe you like the look of it and you’re itching to tackle a slightly more challenging project? In any case, please note that this dress is not suitable for those learning to sew.

Is “Time to shine!” your motto too, and do you want to have a go at making the cocktail dress? You can find the pattern in sizes 36 to 48 and the embroidery files at

In this case, we are only providing the pattern in A0 format. The pattern pieces require three A0 sheets of paper. We didn’t want to divide them up into A4 sheets, for your sake and ours. You can get the PDFs, which you can find in the link above, printed out in A0 format at any copy shop.

Have fun and good luck with your sewing!

Best regards,

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