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The secret skills of BERNINA presser feet and a final raffle

Dear BERNINA Blog Readers,

I wish you a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy the time with your loved ones – not only today, but as often as possible – and have a great start into 2022!

We hope that you will continue visiting the BERNINA blog in the new year. As a thank You for your loyalty, we are holding a raffle today with great prizes. You will find the information further down in the article. Good luck!

The secret skills of BERNINA presser feet

First a quick excursion. Do you remember last year’s BERNINA Christmas video? After an intense year of work, our sewing feet took a break at the end of 2020, slipped out of the sewing room and went on winter vacation. We could well understand that, because 2020 was exhausting for everyone.

The conclusion of our feet: A short rest is simply good for you! That’s why they are treating themselves to a break this year, too. They left the studio on quiet soles and entered a Christmas bakery near Steckborn. Always with them: their faithful companion, the pincushion.

What mischief are the little guys up to between the cake tray and the rolling pin?

Coincidentally, a camera was there and recorded everything. Take a look at it:

The secret skills of our presser feet surprise us again and again!

And how was your year – do you also need a short break? I am happy to see you here and taking a few minutes to read this article. Maybe the BERNINA blog is for you what the Christmas bakery is for our presser feet: a special place where you can forget everyday worries for a moment, get to know new things with friends and family, recharge your creative batteries, and have some fun. I would be happy if you feel the same way.

Spread joy!

Would you like to share the Christmas video on Instagram or Whatsapp or other channels and help us spread a little humour and harmless mischief in the sometimes too serious world? You are very welcome to do so! Under the following link, we provide you with a shortened and compressed video in two versions:

BERNINA Christmas video for Whatsapp (ZIP, 16.5 MB)

BERNINA Christmas video for Instagram (ZIP, 16 MB)

The Whatsapp video is in landscape format, the Instagram video is square.

If you click on the link, the ZIP file will automatically download to your computer. You will usually find it in the Downloads folder, but this depends on your device and your local settings.

Unzip the ZIP and the video is available as an MP4 file. You can then upload it to Instagram, Whatsapp and other channels and hopefully bring a smile to many people’s faces! Please use the hashtag #BERNINAxmas2021 on Instagram. On Facebook, you can simply share this post.

Christmas raffle

This article is the 24th door and the end of our Advent calendar with many creative ideas. On the last day we have a surprise for you: A Christmas raffle with special prices!  

This is what you can win:

BERNINA Crystal Edition Inspiration Kit

Surely you’ve heard about the BERNINA Crystal Edition? The Inspiration Kit is formed as a precious metal box, which reflects the design of the exclusive special models. The kit contains two presser feet, a USB stick with selected embroidery designs, and a glittering selection of Swarovski crystals. It is not usually sold separately, but is part of the accessories for the B 790 and B 590 Crystal Edition. As part of the raffle here in the blog Advent calendar, you can win one Inspiration Kit.

Winter Kit by Mettler

All-purpose sewing thread SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 set, Winter collection, ideal for quilting. Decorative, elegant, and versatile: With SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 you will get a real all-rounder among the Mettler sewing threads. The high-quality cotton sewing thread masters different challenges: Whether for quilting, sewing or matt embroidery, this sewing thread can be your perfect companion for a great variety of projects. What could be better than owning the all-rounder sewing thread as a set? With the “SFC8 Winter-Kit“ version, you get 8 winterly colors. The set contains 8 spools in blue, grey, white and black, each with a length of 150m/164yds. It is the ideal set for everyone who wants to include winterly highlights in their projects.

How to participate in the raffle

To participate in the raffle, please use the comment function below this article and write us what you like about the BERNINA blog – or what you miss. Maybe you have an idea for next year’s BERNINA Christmas video? Just send it to us in a blog comment and you will be entered into the final raffle!

You can post your comment until January 3, 2022 at midnight.

So there is only one thing left to say: Thank you! Without your interest, your many comments and the photos of your work, the blog would not be what it is. 

Conditions of participation for the raffle

Acceptance of these conditions is a requirement for participation on the BERNINA Blog.

All users who have left a comment under this post by January 03, 2022, 24.00 hours, will take part in the raffle.

Employees of BERNINA and their dependants are excluded from participation.

The winner will be drawn at random during the week of January 3, 2022. The winner will then be notified by e-mail within seven days. We are not liable for the non-receipt or late delivery of the notification.

If the winner is unable or unwilling to accept the prize, we do not guarantee that an alternative prize or substitute can be offered. The prize cannot be paid out in cash and the claim to the prize cannot be assigned.

If there is no response to the email notification of the prize within 7 days, the prize will be cancelled.

The prize will be sent to the winner by mail. To make sure that the prize is delivered, the winner must provide correct name and address details after notification. If this is not done, the prize cannot be delivered. The prize will then be cancelled.

We reserve the right to interrupt or terminate this competition at any time or to vary the procedure and rules. Legal action is excluded.

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  • Judith Frymyer

    The variety of content on the Bernina Blog keeps me returning. From learning new sewing techniques, quilting, embroidery and the free patterns I always find something of interest to me.Thank you.

  • Jan Du Bois

    The Bernina Blog is fantastic! I love that there is such a fabulous variety of projects to inspire and educate us.  It shows us that there are so many wonderful things we can create, and helps us to see the endless possibilities of what we can achieve with our beautiful machines and accessories. The Christmas videos starring the magnificent feet that all Bernina owners love so much are truly remarkable! 

  • Sonto Banganayi

    BERNINA is my ultimate aspirational sewing machine brand. The BERNINA Blog keeps me focused on my goal to one day have a Bernina sewing machine. Keep up the good work!

  • Anne Chandler Brown

    Hi, I bought my Bernina 790 plus limited edition Peacock  this year, I have been enjoying learning new skills, with the embroidery module. Loving my Bernina it’s the best sewing machine I’ve owned and though my lifetime I’ve owned a few. Being new to the Bernina I find the blogs and information on Bernina site very useful and I am looking forward to using my new ma nine to its full potential.  

  • angusww

     Hi Bernina, as a relatively new sewist I enjoy the content here and often find inspiration and useful advice. I have a relatively simple machine (a B335) but appreciate that most of the ideas can be transferred to my machine with the obvious exception of embroidery.I find difficult is pulling together the different brands of Bernina content across the internet. Couldn’t this blog be a central resource that links to content in other social media – I accept we don’t want mindless repetition across all Bernina sites. But some content deserves wider exposure. For example, Bernina USA has some excellent content on their instagram feed and Sylvain Bergeron’s recent post on hemmer feet explained so much and broadened my understanding.


    The BERNINA Blog is a wealth of helpful information and inspiration. As the grateful owner of a Bernina 930 Record, the blog has more tips, tricks and ideas for sewing on my much loved Bernina… assisting me in creating handmade items for those I love by learning proper and helpful techniques for the individual presser feet. I thoroughly enjoy the BERNINA Blog!

  • Lyse Morisset

    Always a welcome reminder of the capabilities of my Bernina tools and the joy they can bring to everyday and special projects. 

  • Maureen Ward

    I find the blog inspiring and always has something new for me to want to try. Thank you for the inspiration and easy to follow instructions.

  • Jay Messitt

    I’ve decided to do far more online with Bernina this year. Friends in my quilt group which is a total of 130 people often don’t know what Bernina provides like the wonderful mastery lessons etc. I want to try and get some of us together to encourage each other and make friends at the same time. Any other ideas would be appreciated.CV

  • Mary Trounson

    I love the creativity of the blog contributors and  feel inspired to try new things with the 570QE  I purchased last year. And recently I purchased the embroidery module so looking forward to getting more ideas.Love the Presser foot Christmas videos. Very Clever presser feet. I wonder what mine are up to when I’m not looking!

  • Maxine Sutton

    I love the inspiration I get checking out the Bernina blog to be more creative and thank those who share their talent.

  • Diana Barnes

    Love your videos on how to use the bernina feet.  Thank you for providing these they are very helpful.

  • Pamela Blackman

    I love the variety of ideas from many different contributors.

  • Myra Patin

    I have an old  Bernina that I bought in 1989 and it still runs like a champ.I love all of the great ideas on the blog but I’d like to see more simplified simplified projects for those of us who don’t have the fancy new computerized machines.

  • Liz Mitchell

    I am a quilter.  I have just found this.  I am looking forward to getting many new ideas

  • Susan Carine

    I live on The Isle of Man and since the Covid Pandemic I have felt quite isolated from the rest of the world in that travel restrictions have made it difficult to visit the places I would usually visit which include annual sewing shows and international shops.  I have however discovered the Bernina Blog which has kept me up to date and in touch with the whole world of Bernina and all the wonderful bloggers and seeing their masterpieces they seem to just come up with all the time, it has given me a lot of inspiration and encouragement.  I have owned my Bernina 790 plus now for nearly 2 years and I love it – my sewing seems to have gone from strength to strength – Thank you Bernina.   

  • grannyjan

    The first thing I look for when I sit at my computer is anything from the Bernina blog!  Sometimes I am envious of those who have more than 1 machine but I really love my 570QE and I only have room for one anyway!  I am currently making the Old Block Sampler challenge quilt and have just finished the Mariner’s Compass.  All the quilts I make are pieced and quilted on my Bernina.  I would like to do more with the embroidery module but am not very confident.  Perhaps more tutorials?  Thank you for all the inspiring articles.

  • Dianne Rooney

    I love this Bernina blog as we don’t have one in Australia and this makes me feel connected me with other sewists and this has been especially so in the last 2 years. Thank youI would love to see the feet do an Christmas painting on the embroidery module -perhaps wearing artists berets

  • Rosemary Draper

    I love all the projects in the blog and how they act as support for learning new things  on my Bernina at the same time! It’s great that there are so many different instructors to fit with our differing sewing styles. Thanks for all that.

  • Teri Wilkie

    I would love to see an end of year video showing a project that uses scraps from all the “makes” of the previous year!

  • Maria Cooper

    What I love about the Bernina blog is that it reminds me of projects that I have read about.  Your read one, read the next one and the first one is ‘lost’, so by reading the blog and going back to previous entries, you are reminded of all the great inspiring project that ‘one day we will make’

  • Nyssa Lanzafame

    i love coming to the blog for inspiration. although i have seen a lot of the content before, every once in a while i find that treasure, a glint of inspiration. also i always really enjoy the little presser feet holiday animation!  my favorite was the ice skating! thanks for providing a lovely space to stop in and be reminded of the joy of sewing, especially on days when there is not time for my hobbies. 

  • Ola Robertson

    The Bernina Blog keeps us as sewers united in what we love doing.

  • Sharlene West

    I find Bernina Blog very interesting and I love to just sit and relax and read and soak up all the ideas there is. Thank You

  • Noreen Akhter

    Wishing everyone a happy Christmas if they celebrate. Happy holidays to everyone else. 

  • Hendrika van Schie

    Good morning from a sunny South Africa on this beautiful Christmas Day.Thank you for the wonder of Bernina sewing machines that fulfill all my creative wishes. I would love to see the Christmas ‘feet’ decorate a Christmas tree with Bernina inspired decor!my postal address is PO Box 16387, Atlasville, 1465, South Africa

  • Margie Beliech

    I enjoy reading about the different things to make and the design downloads.  

  • Joanna Moore

    The blog is inspirational and makes we want to try new things, discover new techniques  and keeps me motivated when needed. Always love to open the email that arrives with the latest updates.

  • Joan Baldwin

    I really enjoy the little feet and pincushion and their antics! Brightens my day! Thanks so much to all your creative people and feet and pincushions! 💕

  • Del Atco

    I love the blog and all the great ideas you post. You have a very talented crew. The video was too, too cute! I would love to see these adorable little feet decorate a tree with ornaments that could light up at the end and spell Bernina or something along those lines. Let them argue over which things are appropriate to hang on the tree for a little drama. This year’s was sooo cute.

  • Alisha Mueller

    I love your Blog.  Your team does a great job of sharing information.  I always like to read about new ideas and see projects sewn on Berninia’s. 

  • Ruth Goetz

    Love the blog and all the educational tips. I am enjoying my new 770QEE + I will continue to watch for more tips and ideas.

  • Shauna Jeebe

    The  log is a great source of machine information and how to’s.  I love reading about new accessories and foot usage.  More embroidery and tutorials using the less expensive machines such as the B570 QE would be fabulous!

  • Gail Wilcox

    The Bernina blog is a wonderful place for information and inspiration.  My 770 is getting over worked from the flow of creativity.  

  • Sherrian McNeese

    I can always find needed information,  new ideals, and inspiration on Bernina sites online. Love my 790, 890, and my 830. I have given away 8 quilts this year and hope to be able to make more in 2022 for family and friends! Thank you Bernina for my wonderful machines!

  • Margaret Elmendorp

    I love all the creative ideas, tips and guides on this blog! Home sewing is returning to being a sustainable industry – minimal waste, slow fashion, unique and creative results, quiet footprints on this planet and in current times….sanity saver! Thank you for this and the many other sewing blogs!

  • Sheron Mehl

    I have enjoyed all the educational tips and projects that you gave to us! I have learned about various feet, how to use my machines better, and create amazing projects.  Thank you! I also enjoyed the festive video with the Bernina feet. It really made me laugh out loud.

  • Elizabeth Johnston

    I’ve been looking forward all year to see what antics these amazing Bernina feet have been up to. Who knew they could be so good at baking as well as skiing and skating? After seeing what the youngsters can do, my vintage 530-1 Record’s feet are going to come out of hibernation and try to learn some new tricks too!

  • Linda Dittrich

    WooHoo!  Loved the fun Christmas foot video!  I have, and still do, learn from the Blog every time I read it!  I always look for it in my email.  Thank you to Bernina and all the wonderful artists/ambassadors who so willingly teach us new and beautiful things to make on our Bernina!  Happy Holidays!

  • Kimberly Rorstrom-Wittig

    I enjoy the creative ideas I view on the Bernini Blog – they encourage me to continue sewing.  And, the free patterns are beautiful!  Many Thanks to Bernini International.

  • Karen Keyser

    Thank you for posting all your creative and beautiful projects.  

  • Vicki Bingley

    I love the Bernina blog and the inspirational projects and ideas and the hints and tips, I want to make them all, I just need to find some spare time!  I love my Bernina.

  • Cheryl Ryder

    I love the Bernina blog!  I turn to it all the time for ideas and inspiration.  Keep going! 

  • Bernice Stapleton

    Your emails are always inspirational. Just seeing the wonderful projects takes me to my “happy place”.

  • Emma Patricia Limber

    The Bernina Blog is so inspirational!  I love all the topics and projects from the talented posters.  To be a part of a global community is joyful and empowering.  I look forward to the new post in 2022, as I am sure they will be inspirational and fill us with ideas for our next projects.  Happy Holidays to all.

  • Carol Smead

    I really like quick, small and useful projects. I am a big fan of machine embroidery, so I look for anything that includes the embroidery.

  • Joyce Hermans

    I love the Bernina Blog. So many new ideas on what can be made and which feet and/or techniques are demonstrated to construct it. I’m following the Sugaridoo QAL and I get patterns, materials needed, instructions, etc on this blog. Prizes are announced on this blog. It’s hard to absorb all the info included on this blog at times!

  • Rose Braid

    Love your blog – provides inspiration for projects, great information on new products  along with great information on how I can better use what I already have.

  • Laurel Lee Pedersen

    I love the international aspect of the Bernina blog. I like seeing projects and suggestions from all over and it makes me feel part of the world community.

  • Frances Tyler

    I am constantly inspired by the blog to push the limits of my sewing.  I would like to see more free standing lace.

  • Sharon Gullacher

    Bernina!! The very best machine ever. Blog is great. Story for you:  my aunt, aged 93, has had a Bernina for 67 years. When contemplating the purchase of my 770 QE I asked her if she thot it was a good name in sewing machines. Her response? “IS THERE ANY OTHER KIND??” Of course we both knew the answer but this is a family that loves Bernina! She also said she has NEVER had her Bernina serviced ( horrors – in over 65 years!!) but this longevity is part of the Bernina family love affair. Keep up the great work all!

  • JO H

    Thank you BERNINA! Love your blog. There is always more on there than I would have thought possible.Thank you for all the inspiration you give us throughout the year

  • Philomena Kirkman

    I simply love in the hoop projects.  instructions provided are clear and too the point.  I  would like more free standing lace projects and if possible digitising the same.

  • MaryEllen Kalb

    I enjoy learning about new sewing/quilting and embroidery.  The pictures and explanations are a great help when learning new things.  The most help I need is with using my 790+ embroidery machine; so anything that you can embellish on would be helpful.

  • Stephanie Hardy

    The Bernina Blog gives me tons of ideas on (new to me) skills  to learn. Things that I didn’t even realize my machine can do! I love to see projects related to these skills and techniques so that I can practice and then work them into my own projects.

  • Kathleen Gregory

    Continual inspiration and new ideas enhance my use of my Bernina machine…  Keep it up!

  • Amy Miller

    I love the different ideas that the Bernina blog has. These ideas often show how to use the Bernina, pressure foot or material in another way to produce a lovely result that I would not have done otherwise.

  • Darlene Ingebritsen

    I am new to Bernina, purchasing my 790 Crystal edition three week ago. It has been a huge learning curve but this blog and videos have helped so much. Loved the cute pressure feet videos- so cute.

  • Sandy Seila

    I like the information the projects and all that Bernina is about. I used to be a Bernina educator for over 15 years between two dealerships.  The amazing products that Bernina keep producing keep my older brain fresh, with updated techniques and these computerized beasts that keep me challenged!!  

  • Stephanie Hoff

    Inspiration! That’s what I like most about the Bernina blog. The ideas on how to use my Bernina, whether it’s my 530 or my 790+, is, well, inspiring and just makes want to do more sewing projects. Bernina is so reliable and responsive to any needs or questions I have. That makes me a loyal customer. Thank you for everything.

  • Carmen Pape

    I love Bernina as a company and a fellowship.  Throughout this time of forced isolation I have come to depend on the Bernina Blogs to lighten my day, inspire my creativity and provide me with a sense of community.  As others share their projects I feel surrounded by hope and take pride in the success they achieve.  The Bernina brand is truly one of community and inclusion.  Thank you to all who have participated.

  • Helen Mashburn

    I always learn something new about my 765, as I am still learning about it.

  • Linda Holzman

    News, tips and projects; what’s NOT to like ????And I love my Bernina Machines.  Merry Christmas

  • Bhavna Jain

    I love this blog because I am beginner in quilting and learning lot how to use pressure foot or how to join triangle.everything explain in a such a simple way that I can understand and apply on my projectalso any new accessories or technical I can fine from this blog it is very very helpful blog with lots of inspiration, information and ideaslove to read and go back and forth from previous blogs to get some new idea for new projects Thank you for creating such a wonderful blog

  • Jo Hilpert

    The blog offer great ideas and helpful information about Bernina machines. The projects are always enticing me to keep on sewing.

  • Marjorie Kenney

    I love the Bernina blogs as they keep me up to date with all that is new and exciting projects to inspire me with my sewing 

  • Patricia MacDonald

    I enjoy the Bernina blog because it helps me to be more comfortable using the amazing features of my Bernina 830. Thank you for the excellent guidance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • janis jay

    There aren’t enough hours a day to make all the wonderful,  innovative projects Bernina makes available to us!  Thank you!  

  • Kathryn Childs

    I like the Bernina blog because i am challenged to try new things and make things with such a variety of materials. Thank you for ideas when i haven’t been able to go to classes or shows.

  • outdoorgirl4u

      I was unable to have an introduction to my machine before I moved. After moving I could not get help because my machine was purchased from another dealer Sooooo…this has been very helpful to me!  I LOVE this blog!

  • Cheryl Knab

    Love the inspirations and comments, learned so much from others who commented. I am always amazed at what I can do with my Bernina. Just unpacked my new serger and version 9 it will be my New Years projects

  • elizabeth molleur

    Love the blog and tutorials.  Keeps the creative juices flowing.

    • Beatrice Long

      I find that I get much inspiration from the blog.  I especially enjoyed participating in the Sugaridoo Bernina QAL and will be joining the next one in 2022.  Thanks for the great machines, the inspiration and connections to other quilters. 

  • Lisa Ward

    I have learnt so much from the blog, as a new quilter i became convinced that the Q16 was for me,  it arrived last month and i can’t wait to get started in the new year! 😊 thank you bernina !! 

  • Gwendoline Sanderson

    The blog is very important to any Bernina sewer, it keeps you up to date on what’s going on and gives you inspiration on what you can sew. Love the sewing projects, like that you get a little bit for everyone. the quilting blocks were fantastic. Could do with more inspiration on how you can use the feet, think that would be good. keep up the good work. Gwendoline

  • Terri Dates

    I love the unique ideas that are presented.   When I first got my embroidery machine, I embroidered almost every t-shirt that I owned.   Your ideas really get me thinking outside of the t-shirt box.

  • Debi Bly

    I LOVE this blog!  I was unable to have an introduction to my machine before I moved. After moving I could not get help because my machine was purchased from another dealer Sooooo…this has been very helpful to me!

  • Susan Arthurs

    I have been sewing for 60 years.  Learned on my Mom’s old Singer.  Have used several different machines since then but love my Bernina 770QE the best.  It does so many things and has so many feet.  It will take another few years before I learn all that my machine can do.Thank you to Triangle Sewing in Guelph Ontario and Adrienne Gallagher from Bernina Canada for helping me get to know my machine, running helpful classes and answering all my questions.

  • Paulette Bouvier

    I love my Bernina machine! Your blogs make me check out all the different presser feet and their functions. I am constantly learning new things. Thanks 

  • Boni Revers

    There is always at least one fun project that I can use .  Also there is always some information about sewing with my Bernina that I can learn.  I look forward to the posts.  They brighten my day.

  • Terry Waters

    I love my Bernina and the blog has been sooooo useful with tips and ideas for projects.  I just got a Q20 and can’t wait until after the holidays to play with her.  Thank you so much for everything!

  • cathya

    I really enjoy reading about the different types of sewing projects. I’m a quilter, but it’s fun to read about embroidery and making clothing as well and I’m feeling inspired to try some new things next year.

  • Jane Moore

    I love everything about Bernina – your machines have changed my life and the creative juices just keep on flowing. Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for your inspirational blogs.

  • Patricia Giglio

    Bernini is the best at education. You keep inspiring me to explore all the great features of my machine.

  • inde dutton

    I recently passed down my 25 year old Bernina to my daughter who is learning to sew.  I love sharing this blog with her, opening up the world of Bernina to her.  We will be making the free standing lace earrings on my 790+ further inspiring her to learn and grow beyond the basics.  I’m thankful for my LQS that sold me my first Bernina 25+ years ago. 

  • Ann Henry-Smith

    I’ve only recently joined, but I love the fun attitude. I will be her permanently now. I live on my own and this is just wonderful to be able to connect to so many people.for next years video, perhaps you could have different sized needles sewing their own weight of fabric. they can be running around looking for their cloth/fabric, obviously excited as they are dressing to go to a party. You know how ladies are, trying this one and no I must have different dress etc.

  • Suzanne Roy

    J’aime beaucoup lire tous les trucs et astuces livrés sur le blog Bernina. Cependant c’est souvent fastidieux pour moi puisqu’ils sont publiés uniquement en anglais. J’adorerais pouvoir recevoir cette mine d’information en français.Joyeux Noël à tous!

  • Pauline Cooke

    I enjoy the blog for the surprise element. I love the ideas and tips. They keep me going when I get stale. thank you all and merry Christmas 

  • thackjean

    As a 13 year old i used my old  no name machine until it ran like a train.  In college I was introduced to Bernina.  After my 5th child my husband bought me a  used Bernina 830.  I was so happy I was afraid we would wreck on the way home and something would happen to it.  Now I have been married 42 years and was able to purchase the Bernina 770QE.  I am in love with it.     

  • Karen Maz

    I love looking at the Bernina blog for inspiration and ideas. I appreciate the thought that goes into all of the content. The free patterns and instructions are the best. 

  • CHris Markulin

    I really enjoy the Bernina blog. It gives me many ideas for whatever direction I want to go. Thank you for the cute little Christmas video! It caps the year!

  • Gail Wilcox

    The Christmas video was charming, last year, this year and hopefully into the next years.  Happy Holidays and may there be peace to all.

  • Tracy Connolly

    The creativity and tips I see motivate me to try new things and move out of my comfort zone. Thank you to all those very creative people who take the time to teach us how to use our machines more every day!!

  • linda lewis

    my mom bought her first bernina when we lived in germany many years ago a few years ago she upgraded the original is still working and i have inherited the new one my mom passed i have had it for 7yrs and im still learning  my biggest hurdle is using the embroidering attachment which has never been used my greatest fear is not doing the machine justice so many ways to use this machine she left me with so many attachments and material that im sewing and learning ever week  thank you bernina for making my mom truly a happy person she told everyone get a bernina  

  • Joan Bloomberg

    Good Day!  This is my first few months with a Bernina 770QE. Thank you for all the helpful videos and projects. I am very thankful for a well-oiled and exquisite machine with which to sew and quilt!

  • Shauna Dimock

    would love to see little projects, complete with free instructionsanad download files for embroidery, for those of us  learning  on our new Berninas

  • Debi Cross

    I most love the blog for the motivation it gives me! I’m 65 years of age and raised 3 sons. The blog helps me to see what my young DILs would love to have! I’m not a shopper, so it’s a win win for me, I get to sew and they get beautiful gifts! I would enjoy more posts on the punch kit – I bought one and after 3 years have not used it yet! I have a 430 and the 880. One day I hope to upgrade the 880. 

  • Stella Gardener

    I look forward to the Benina blog for tips and inspiration. Look forward to one day being able to upgrade my inherited Bernina, but it is still going strong

  • chelo

    I have received the WeAllSew newsletter, no idea about the blog! I just signed up and surely will enjoy so many projects. Thank you for the added value to the machines and accessories. My idea for next year’s presser feet video is about them decorating a Christmas tree or making a Nativity Scene.

  • Barbara Julian

    Wow – what a great Christmas present this would be! I no love all the new ideas I’m getting from the blog for fun things to create!

  • Christine Canino

    I just bought my new Betnina 770. I like how the blog shows me different ways to use my machine. 

  • Patricia Hough

    I love the blog. Keeps us in touch with other makers and sewists. 

  • Sue Heckert

    Wonderful gift for my 790 plus and myself. I always check the blog out for new ideas and inspiration. I am new to the Bernina World. Thank you. 

  • Ben Van der Linde

    Sew many useful tips in the blog. Continued learning and plenty fun projects. 2022 will bring us 2000 + 22 new ideas. Merry christmas!!

  • Linda Olsen

    I love the Bernina blog because it keeps me informed about all that Bernina is doing. I love all the ideas you bring that can be easily finished as well as the sew alongs that take longer. It is fun to get to know some of the designer as well. Thank you

  • Kim Perez

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      Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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  • Linda Mador

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