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Sewing the wrist warmers with a touch of bling

Was passt besser in die Adventszeit, als ein Hauch Glitzer und Glimmer? Wenn überall Lichterglanz und Sternenfunkeln die dunkle Jahreszeit erhellen, kribbelt es sogar mich in den Fingern, ein wenig Glanz zu verbreiten. Und deshalb habe ich heute nicht nur ein tolles Schnittmuster für Euch, sondern ich verrate Euch auch, wie Ihr Nähwerke ganz einfach mit dezentem Glamour verzieren könnt.

Time to shine – Sewing the wrist warmers with a touch of bling

Glitzer Zierstich Stulpen

This pair of simple wrist warmers is perfect for wearing to the Christmas market or as a great Christmas gift idea that’s quick to sew. All you need is a piece of slightly elastic boiled wool, matching wool remnants and a metallic sewing thread to add some festive sparkle. Plus a BERNINA cording foot to make it easy to sew the wool threads on and of course, my free pattern:

Sewing wrist warmers – Free pattern

You can download the pattern for the wrist warmers as a PDF for free at the following link:

Pattern Freebie

When printing, make sure that you print in original size ( scale=100%).

Stulpen Material

The wrist warmers are very easy to make. Pay attention to the grain, because the wrist warmers should be slightly elastic so that you can slip them on and off easily.

Stulpen Zuschnitt Schnittgewichte

Using a rotary cutter will give you nice, even-cut edges. You can leave the edges of the boiled wool raw as the material doesn’t fray.

To decorate the boiled wool wrist warmers, I worked with a cording foot. This special foot is available from BERNINA in two versions. Cording Foot #22 for three cords and Cording Foot #25 for five finer yarns.

Schnürchenfuss geschlossen

You can see the guide grooves clearly here in the photo. The small pivoting lever ensures that you can position the cords comfortably. Once they are in place, it is folded in, keeping everything well separated and preventing the decorative threads from getting tangled.

Schnürchenfuss offen

This time, I decided to use Cording Foot #22 with 3 grooves for my wrist warmers. Its grooves are the right size for my wool.

I entered the presser foot number on the machine – this means that my BERNINA 570 QE automatically limits the stitch width. I chose stitch number 8 to sew on the wool threads. Of course you can also choose other decorative stitches – the most important thing is that they take up the full width of 5.5 mm.

Image of BERNINA 570 QE (NEW).


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Decorative stitching

I used a metallic needle and threaded my sewing machine with silver Lurex. The bobbin was filled with normal sewing thread. A small test seam showed me that the stitch was a great choice: the sewing thread forms a subtle “Time to Shine” sparkling line.

Now it’s time to embellish the wrist warmers. Simply insert three threads into the guide grooves of the presser foot and secure with the lever. I wanted to sew the decorative stitch a small distance from the top edge of the wrist warmer. In this position, the decoration is eye-catching and, at the same time, it does not interfere with the stretch of the fabric.

To help me keep a good eye on everything and sew my decorative seam nice and evenly, I attached my practical BERNINA Magnifying Lens. I am always pleased to have the extra support of a clear view. Following the curvy edge is not a problem, as the foot holds the threads securely in position. Tip: Always sew decorative stitches slowly.

This what the sewn edge looks like.

Sewing the wrist warmers – close the seam

Finally, all that remains is to close the seam of the boiled wool wrist warmers. Simply place the right sides together and sew along the seam line. When sewing this seam, you can adjust the fit as you like. The further in you sew, the narrower the wrist warmers.

Stulpen zusammennähen

Iron the seam open and round off the corners slightly if necessary. If you like, you can also secure the loose ends with a few hand stitches.

And now it’s “Time to Shine” – with subtle sparkle and cozy warm hands.

I hope you have lots of fun with my sewing pattern and I look forward to seeing what creative ideas you have for the cording feet. Of course, you can also sew on embroidery threads or other similar yarns instead of wool. The decorative stitching always looks different, depending on how many different colors you use and which decorative stitch you choose.

Stulpen aus Walkloden Weihnachten

In the photo above, you can see how wonderfully the wrist warmers go with my new kimono jacket (in German). A cozy warm addition to the wide sleeves.

Christmas greetings from my sewing room and I wish you a wonderful Advent.


Sewing tutorial: Wrist warmers

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