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Sustainable sewing challenge #REFEBULOUS: the Sew-along

Sustainable sewing challenge #REFEBULOUS: the Sew-along

It all started in 2020 with the first edition of this sustainable sewing challenge on Instagram. The challenge was a great success and it was therefore pretty eminent that a follow up would take place in 2021. Slightly different than the first edition, but the challenge and the hashtag grew bigger. I can’t resist organizing it again this year. Just a bit different than before: we are going to sew together.  The #REFEBULOUS 2022 Sew-along edition! – are you joining again?

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The goal

The goal of this sustainable sewing challenge is to motivate and inspire everyone to reuse, repair and restyle clothing and fabrics. In other words, to turn an existing garment or fabric into something REFEBULOUS!

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I hope everyone from the sewing community, as well as the embroidery and quilting community, will join in and share their creations with the same hashtag. To encourage everyone even more to participate in the sewing challenge, once again several prizes will be available to win. BERNINA is one of the sponsors with 4 digital subscriptions of the creative Inspiration magazine. You can read about what other prizes can be won before and during the sewing challenge on my Instagram account. The winners will be chosen at random by me. So everyone who is joining has a change to win.

Now of course you want to know what the themes are for the sewing challenge 2022!

This year there are three categories in which your creativity will be challenged. These categories are:


Get your mending hat on and start repairing that much loved piece of clothing. Or finally make that thrifted piece fit. Use the art of marvellous mending in one way or another and share it.


Create a new wearable piece using preloved clothes. Either thrifted, gifted or found in your own wardrobe. Make something different than what it was. Try to think out of the box. 


Reuse material! Recycle clothes, pieces of fabric (such as curtains, sheets, or towels), or other materials to create a project. Like home decoration, utensils, cuddly toys, clothing, etc.


Time planning sewing challenge

The sewing challenge starts on February 1. When you join you’ll share at least one grid post of your sewing journey with a carousel of photos, videos or even Reels.


Week 1: February 1 – 6

Share your plan(s), inspiration and the materials you will use.

Week 2: 7 – 13 February

Share the process so far, what you’ve learned, what you’ve tried and what has worked or failed.

Week 3: 14 – 20 February

Share who does all the work. This week is all about you working on the project. If you’d rather not photograph yourself, show where the magic happens or photograph your hands doing the work.

Week 4: 21 – 28 February

Wear or show off your finished project, post a before and after picture and/or a sneak peek if you didn’t manage to finish it completely.


Are you interested in joining (again)? Then follow me on and/or the hashtag #REFEBULOUS on Instagram and make sure you’re ready to inspire and be inspired! Come on and sew-along😉






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