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Handmade Soft Sword Toy – Free pattern and tutorial

My little monkey, first boy after 2 girls, loves playing with any kind of toys that he finds around the house. But lately, he’s been taking any kind of long stick to use it as a sword.

As much as I like to see him having so much fun, I think that sword toys can be dangerous (specially seeing the way he plays and fights with them, kind of gets scary sometimes ;-).

But as a mother, I like him discovering new games and toys and since I sew, I like making things for my kids (any excuse is good to use my Bernina 😉 ).

I believe that something you make for them gets a deeper value and since they see you making it and the hours that it takes to make it, it becomes special to their eyes (or that is what I try to think 😉 )

So I decided to make a soft sword toy for him (I am a happy sewing mama) so he could play with his soft sword and hurt no one (no more ‘you are going to get that stick in my eye, no more dead flowers, etc….).

As usually, I look into my fabric stash to make the best match of fabrics for the project I have in mind.

I usually buy the fabric that I like without having a precise project as I like having the fabric “waiting for the right project” instead of my project waiting for the right fabric.

And looking into it, I found this white cotton with gold X that I thought had a Knighty feel to it. I also had some black cotton that I felt was perfect for the sword handle. Don’t you think that both fabrics together look awesome for this project?

As it is usual in this sewing related blog, I like sharing with you my little sewing tutorials and the sewing patterns I make. So if you keep on reading, you’ll find the soft sword pattern below for you to download and cut, and herewith the sewing tutorial to easily make this soft sword.

Here are the super simple to follow instructions:

Handmade soft sword materials:

1. See the link below to download the free Soft Sword Toy Pattern.

Cut the pattern. You’ll see you have 3 pieces, A and B have to be taped together.

Print it at 100%.

1 cm seam allowances are included in this pattern.

Click here to download the Soft sword pattern by You Made My Day

2. Trace the sword pattern on your fabrics. You’ll have 2 pieces of each, the sword grip and the sword blade.

3. Sew the grip to the blade, right sides facing. Do the same with the front and back pieces.

4. Sew the front and back pieces together, leaving a gap to turn it inside out.

5. Before turning it, notch the corners and the angles in between the grip and the blade.

6. Iron the sword.

7. Insert the bating through the gap to fill the sword. I love filling it up to its fullest, so it looks chunky.

8. Finish the soft sword by doing a blind stitch on the gap you left.

And tadah! your little monkey will have tons of joy playing with this soft sword and hurting no one.

Soft sword sewing project You Made My Day Patterns

Wasn’t this super easy and quick to make? And what about “this is the perfect sewing project to use those fabric scraps“!

And be ready to see your monkeys jumping around you and shouting yeah! I got you! I am the king!

Do you like sewing soft toys for your children (or someone else’s children)? What have you made?

Is there any sewing project that you’d like me to show you on this Bernina Blog? Leave me a message below and I’ll be glad to develop it and show you the steps!

Free sewing instructions: Soft Sword Toy

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