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SWIRLING FOSSILS, inspired by my love for nature.


My work is inspired by nature. I love finding textiles with different textures to create art quilts. SWIRLING FOSSILS was started in a class with a wonderful teacher, Paul Schutte. That a piece of chiffon and a couple of strips of cotton fabric turned into a fossil art quilt, was quite a surprise to me and I want to share it with you!





  • Backing 55cm X 75c
  • Loomtex Batting 55cm X 75c

    A close-up of the materials I used.

  • 100% cotton fabric 50cm X 70c
  • Interesting patterned chiffon
  • 100% cotton machine sewing threa
  • DMC hand embroidery floss in different colours to match your background
  • Strips of 100% cotton in a contrasting colou
  • Strips of solid coloured chiffon
  • Shades of grey to blue Isacord machine embroidery thread, depending on your colour scheme.
  • Machine
  • Soldering iron


  1. Lay the backing on a surface
  2. Put the batting on top of that and smooth it out
  3. Lay the 100% cotton fabric on a surface
  4. Set up your machine for free motion quilting
  5. Put the interesting patterned chiffon on top and distort it. Stitch through all layers
  6. Form the fossil shapes by using the 100% cotton strips in a contrasting colour and stitch through all layers
  7. Use a soldering iron to burn certain areas.
  8. Add in extra stitching/FM machine embroidery where necessary
  9. Enhance your work by hand embroidering French knots and tacking stitches in strategic places
  10. Square off your art quilt
  11. Sew a facing on the back to finish off your work
  12. Sew a hanging sleeve and a label on the back.

    Hand embroidered French Knots.

If you are passionate about textiles and want to learn more about how to incorporate my innovative techniques into your work, follow me on Instagram @tillydeharde and Facebook, Tilly de Harde Fibre Artist & Teacher and visit my website & subscribe to my mailing list. Please don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box below!


Difficulty level: Advanced
Time to Complete: A week or more
Used Material: 100% Cotton Fabric, 100% cotton thread, Isacord machine embroidery thread., Loomtex batting, synthetic fabric

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