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One Two Tree QAL Quilting part 3: “Organized chaos”

Welcome to a new week in the One Two Tree Quilt Along! Just in case you’re new here, we’re learning to quilt with rulers and free motion quilting! Take a look over here to find all the blog posts on this project. Or sign up to get all the information about the QAL in your inbox. 

Today we will work on trees 5 and 6. Are you ready for some free styling with free motion quilting?

Here is the overview of the One Two Tree Quilt to see where we are going to quilt. 

Video instructions

In this weeks video you will see me quilting a free motion design and a pattern with the Taj ruler. In this blog post you will find the written instructions and alternative designs


Don’t forget to outline your trees first. If you haven’t done so, you can go ahead and outline all the trees of the quilt. 

Quilting tree 5

Meandering, loopty-loop, squiggles, filling up a space, that’s what we are going to do in tree 5. You may pick a line style, with loops, without loops, and fill up the whole space of tree 5. The challenge here is to pay attention to your stitches, practicing on keeping them consistent. And at the same time looking where you need to go. 

It can feel like their is a lot to pay attention to. It can help to take some extra time on a practice piece to get some better feeling of how to stitch this pattern. Remember to take it slow. You can stop any time you like to reposition your hands or to take a break!

When you run into a side of the tree you can travel stitch to a spot from where you want to continue stitching. 

Have fun! In the video I’m sharing another variation on the loops if you’re up for a little challenge 🙂

Quilting Tree 6

Time to get your Taj ruler out!

Start at the top of the tree, on the left. Place your ruler halfway on the tree and quilt kind of a quarter of the Taj ruler. Take a look at the video to see how I’m placing the ruler here. 

When you reach the top edge of the tree you move your ruler over to the right and quilt half of the Taj ruler. I say half, because we are only using the top part of the ruler.

Repeat this until you reach the right side of the tree. 

Now you reposition the ruler so you will end in the middle of the previously quilted shape. You may need to travel a little over the right side of the tree to get to the right starting position. 

When you reach the left side of the tree you travel down until you’re in the correct position to make another row like this. 

Continue making rows like this till you hit the bottom of the tree. Check out the video to see me puzzle with the tree trunk and the bottom of the quilt. If you feel more comfortable with quilting over the trunk, that is all fine. 

I love the fun tree leave structure this ruler creates!


If you don’t have a Taj ruler, but you do have a circle ruler then you can also make a variation on this design. That will look like this.

Next week

Next week we will quilt with the wavy ruler and the lolipop ruler. There will be fun alternatives in case you aren’t working with rulers as well.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be creating for this weeks trees.

See you next week!

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