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One Two Tree QAL Quilting part 6: “Fruity”

Only three more weeks to go in quilting our One Two Tree quilt. Today I will share the patterns we will quilt in trees 11 and 12. Are you ready? There we go!


This weeks theme is Fruity. We will make an orange peel design with circle rulers in tree 11 and branches with geometric fruits in tree 12.

Here is the overview of the One Two Tree Quilt to see where we are going to quilt. 

Video instructions

In this weeks video you will find two patterns. I’ve quilted them both with rulers, but there are free motion alternatives as well. I have used the a circle rulers and the lollipop ruler set.

Quitling Tree 11

The orange peel design can be quilted in multiple ways. The basic idea is that you have a grid, and quilt half circles from intersection to intersection.

In the video you’ll see me start at the top of the tree with a full circle. In the illustration below I’m starting with a partial circle at the bottom. 

It can be a good idea to make a grid on paper and play around with a pen and a ruler first to get an idea of how you can fill that grid to get the orange peel pattern.

On my tree I only marked the center line. The further I get to the side, the less my circles line up. It’s quite hard to keep the placement of the ruler consistent with only the markings on the ruler. 

For more guidance you could mark a complete grid on your tree for helping you place your ruler.


As an alternative to using a circle ruler you could try to make this pattern with free motion quilting. Mark out the complete grid and make free motion half circles from corner to corner of the squares. Or you could make free motion waves where you try to cross the grid on the intersections of the lines.

Quilting Tree 12

Grab your lollipop ruler to make this super fun and playful design. I think this is one of my favorites from this quilt.

Start at the bottom of the tree. Quilt straight up a little bit, then make a branch with a geometric shape at the end. 

Quilt back over the branch.

Then quilt straight up again until you want to make another branch. 


You can vary the length and direction of the branches. In the illustration I only used circles, but in the video you see me use all kinds of shapes. 

Lot’s of room to play with this pattern!


Just like in tree 8, you can make a variation on this pattern with a straight ruler and scribbles. Or maybe you would like to challenge yourself and try to free motion quilt this complete pattern?

Next week

The theme for next week is Wiggle Wiggle. We will start combining ruler work and free motion quilting with lots of room for your own creative interpretation. 

See you next week!

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