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Baby pants Oliver on the overlock/coverlock L890

For a newborn baby I wish to give a selfmade present, matching the style of the birth announcement card. I want to make it for the age of 1y, so I take a UK size 12, it’s the EU size 80.  So I make Baby pants Oliver on the overlock/coverlock L890. That must be fun to make. I found it on the  blog MinnieMie and it’s the free pattern ‘Oliver’. You will find the patterns and tutorial on the MinnieMie blog.

Babybroekje Oliver naaien op de overlock/coverlock L890

Find the pattern under the button  ‘free pattern – Oliver babypants’.

Find information and the download link:

I chose a fun stretch fabric with whales and choose for overlock thread Mettler Seralene:

free pattern Baby pants Oliver on the overlock/coverlock L890 The printed pattern is divided over 2 sheets of paper. Choose your size and tape both pages to one pattern.

SEw free baby pants on the overlock/coverlock L890You will find the standard sizes for the waistband and the cuffs. Be sure to add extra width for less stretchy fabric. Consider standard stretch fabric to need a little more width.

My size seemed to be a bit small for a 1y old.

Position the back pattern part at fabric fold:

SEw free baby pants on the overlock/coverlock L890Fold the same pattern part on the horizontal line for the front pattern. Cut waistband and cuff.

SEw free baby pants on the overlock/coverlock L890Look at the print when cutting waistband and cuffs. For the waistaband, the main print should be found on the bottom half (the big dark blue whales) and for the cuffs, you find them on the upper half (the smaller blue whales).


Sew the Baby pants Oliver on the  overlock/coverlock L890:

I used the BERNINA L 890 to sew the pants.

Image of BERNINA L 890.


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So, you cut the pattern.  I chose for a seam allowance of 1,5 cm. When stitching on the overlock, you have a much neater stitch when cutting some fabric.

SEw free baby pants on the overlock/coverlock L890With the 1,5 cm seam allowance, I cut of 0,7 cm.

Een babybroekje naaien op de overlock/coverlock L890Overlock both side seams, the curved seam and the short sides of waistband and ankle cuffs.

Fold over the waistband and ankle cuffs. In the picture, you can see that the fold for the waistband is on top and for the cuffs, it is on the bottom:

Pin the waistband seam on the middle of the back pattern part. Stretch as much as you can to divide the rest of the pattern part to the pants.

Take away the pins before the knife hits them. Overlocker knives and pins don’t go together!

Een babybroekje naaien op de overlock/coverlock L890Sew the folded waistband to the pants. Cut a 0,7 cm. Stretch the pattern parts while sewing.

Een babybroekje naaien op de overlock/coverlock L890Repeat the procedure for the ankle cuffs. The smaller the pants size, the more difficult to match to the pants. That’s the reason why I set the level to ‘Intermediate’.

For a bigger size of these pants, this is really a beginners project!

SEw free baby pants on the overlock/coverlock L890The pants are ready! Make some more, it’s fun and cute to do. Baby pants  Oliver on the overlock/coverlock L890 is a fun baby gift!

Are you ready to make them?

You will find more of my projects on Instagram on my profile beacallemeyn.

Feel free to share this project with creative friends. The free pattern is only meant for personal use. Don’t sale it. Thanks for respecting the designers work!

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