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Teenage proof T-shirt dress: tutorial 

Teenage proof T-shirt dress: tutorial  

In this tutorial I’m showing you how to make a fun and casual T-shirt dress, which is completely teenage proof.
We’re also adding folded cuffs as a playful and cool accent.
You can tie a ribbon around the waist as an extra detail.


-a T-shirt pattern
     —–I’m using the Nio/Nia shirt pattern by Bel’Etoile
     —–to ensure a loose fit, you can go for one size bigger then the chart says
-sewing machine and/or overlocker
     —–I’m using my Bernina L890)


1 Pattern alterations

First we’re going to lenghten the front and back pieces of your shirt pattern.
Just lengthen the side seams and front/back center seams for this.
Lengthen as much as you want, for the Nio/Nia shirt you can follow the dimensions below for a kneelength dress:

Size 80: lengthen by 15cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 86: lengthen by 16cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 92: lengthen by 18cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 98: lengthen by 19cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 104 :lengthen by 21cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 110: lengthen by 23cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 116: lengthen by 24cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 122: lengthen by 26cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 128: lengthen by 28cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 134: lengthen by 30cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 140: lengthen by 30cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 146: lengthen by 32cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 152: lengthen by 34cm (3cm hem allowance included)
Size 158: lengthen by 36cm (3cm hem allowance included)


Now take you sleeve pattern piece.
Shorten it by 2cm, you can cut that piece off.

Measure the hem of your sleeve and draft the sleeve cuff to that length, with a height of 10cm.

Attention: the sleeve is cut on the fold, therefore, the cuff is also cut on the fold (cut 2)

2 Sewing

Stitch front and back dress together as mentioned in the tutorial of the shirt pattern.
Sew the sleeves to the dress.

Fold cuff in half, right sides together and stitch side seam.
Press side seam.

Fold cuff in half along the stitched seam, wrong sides facing.
This way you’ll get a tunnel.

Slide the cuff over your sleeve, the raw edge of the cuff aligns with the sleeve hem.
Stitch into place, all the way around.

Fold and press cuff into place.

Now you can fold it over again towards the shoulder seam.

Sew a small row of stitches at the shoulder seam and at the underarm seam to keep the cuff into place.

Finish the neckline and hem your dress, you’re finished!
My teenager loves it! 😉


Pattern: Nio/Nia shirt – verlengd tot jurk
Fabric: jersey with coconut print
Feel free to visit our Instagram account: _beletoile_

Love, Isabel
Free sewing instructions: Teenage proof T-shirt dress

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