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Auto-digitized Embroidery Design with V9

I was inspired to create an embroidery design based on a cute vintage inspired, sewing themed printed cotton fabric.

Pinafores make me think of sewing and crafting, so when I came across the Milton Pinafore dress I knew I wanted to include sewing motifs in it.

I lined the bodice with the printed fabric and embroidered the waistband with my custom embroidery design.

I love that the embroidery on the outside reflects the fabric on the inside but the dress is neutral enough to be paired with a variety of printed and plain garments for all seasons.

What will be needed:

Create a custom Embroidery Design

The BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 has updated the Auto Digitize tool. This tool makes it quicker and easier to digitize artwork for custom embroidery designs.

Insert the Artwork

  1. Insert the picture you want to use as a template from your documents.
    On the left Toolbox, under the Auto-Digitize heading, you’ll find the Insert Artwork button.
    Navigate in the pop up window to where you have saved the artwork.


  1. If you only want part of the artwork, you can crop it.
    I recommend switching to the Artwork Canvas to do that.
    The Crop function in the Auto-digitize Toolbox only crops out the background so you can’t tell the size of the cropped image.
    Select the Crop Tool, click and drag a shape around the area you want to crop and press Enter on your keyboard.
    Switch back to the Embroidery Canvas.


  1. Resize the artwork according to the size you want the embroidery to be.
    Sizing is set to proportional scaling by default, you can click on the little lock icon if you need the width and height to be specific, non-proportional measurements.


Digitize your Design

You have 2 Auto-Digitize Options.

You can select the Instant Auto-Digitize Tool and your artwork will be instantly digitized and you can go ahead and save or export it.

However, sometimes the artwork doesn’t digitize as you want it to and may need a little assistance, hence the Auto-Digitize Tool. (Some parts of my artwork were digitized that I didn’t want.)


  1. While you Artwork is selected, click on the Auto-Digitize Tool.


  1. In the pop-up window, use the sliders to adjust how much detail or how many colours you want.
    If there are similar colours you would like to merge:
    click on the coloured square, hold ctlr on your keyboard and select the colour or colours you want to merge, let go of ctlr and select the Merge button.
    Select OK when you are ready to continue


  1. If there are any colours you don’t want digitized (like I don’t want any white) you can omit the colour.
    Select OK when you are ready to continue


  1. Now you can delete the Artwork and change the thread colour(s) if you want.


  1. Repeat the steps if you want to add more digitized artwork to your design.
    You could even add already digitized artwork or existing embroidery designs.


  1. Check the sequence of stitches and adjust if necessary.
    I usually order mine by colour.


  1. Save, export or send directly to your Bernina via the Wi-Fi Device.



I embroidered my design on to a Waistband that I used in a hacked Milton Pinafore Dress I made in this blog post: Personalized Pinafore Dress (free pattern).

To ensure the placement of the embroidery would be exactly in the centre of the Waistband, I used the Pinpoint Placement tool on my B735.

Pinpoint Placement

I prefer to embroider my Waistband before cutting it out so I traced the Front Waistband piece on to the fabric.


  1. Lightly draw a basic shape (rectangle/square) according to the size of your design on the Waistband with an erasable marker. The placement must be where you want the embroidery to be.
    Remember to factor in the seam allowance.


  1. Place the fabric with the Front Waistband piece traced on it in the hoop with Tear-Away Stabilizer.
    I purposefully put the fabric in skew to better demonstrate the use of the Pinpoint Placement Tool. It is best to try hoop the fabric as straight as possible.


  1. Set up your machine for embroidery (refer to this blog post: DIY Embroidery Module Cover for the steps under the heading Embroider)


  1. Once your design and hoop are loaded, open the information box (i).


  1. Choose the Pinpoint Placement icon.


  1. Select the Grid icon.


  1. Touch the bottom left Pinpoint Dot.


  1. Use the machine’s Multifunction Knobs to move the needle on to the bottom left corner of the drawn out shape.
    The Embroidery Module will move the Hoop as you turn the knob.


  1. Turn the hand wheel to bring the needle down to check the placement and adjust as necessary.


  1. Select the Set button when you are happy with the placement.


  1. Touch the top right Pinpoint Dot and use the machine’s Multifunction Knobs to move the needle on to the top right corner of the drawn out shape. Check the placement with the needle.


  1. Select the Set button when you are happy with the placement.


  1. Close the Pinpoint Placement and Information window and proceed to embroider the design.

I would love to see what you make, please feel free to share with me!



Credit for artwork
Sewing Machine: <a href=””>Atelier vector created by freepik –</a>
Wreath: <a href=””>Hand drawn frame vector created by freepik –</a>

Auto-digitized Embroidery Design

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