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Easy sew an invisible zipper in a blouse

Easy sew a invisible zipper in a blouse with these tips and the right pattern (or a hack).

We’re invited to a birthday party, and dress code is 60s style. Well, why not? I have a beautiful fabric (my opinion) and an easy to hack pattern. The upper part of the zipper is hidden in the collar and the other side disappears in the bottom part of the pattern.

The finish I have chosen is not standard, I think. You would have to cut of the facing and sew it as an extra part. In the description, it was not mentioned to cut, so I didn’t. So I have sewn the zipper on the front pattern piece and I thought a biastape finish would be neat. And I like to use biastape, so there we go. It was worth trying!

The pattern is a hack on a jumpsuit with short sleeves. The zipper ends in a seam, really easy…


Easy sew an invisible zipper in a blouse


Supplies to sew an invisible zipper in a blouse:

  • Cut out the pattern pieces Beginnerstip: a plain fabric, with no print, is easier to start with.
  • Blind zipper, at least 5 cm longer than the pattern piece
  • Mettler Seralon sewing thread
  • The Invisible Zipper Foot #35
Image of Invisible Zipper Foot #35.

Invisible Zipper Foot #35

Sewing in invisible zippers of all sizes ✓  The zippers are virtually invisible ✓  For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

Learn more


Sew an invisible zipper in a blouse:

Use interfacing if you have a light weight fabric. My cotton is heavy weight, so I don’t need to (I think it is a curtain-weight). Iron the facing, to mark the center.

Open the zipper and pin to the front pattern part, right sides facing. Leave a 1 cm from the fabric edge as seam allowance.

Now fold the zipper open under the presser foot.  Sew the zipper to the front pattern part.

Easy sew an invisible zipper in a blouse

Repeat for the other side of the zipper. 

Then sew the other part of the zipper to the fabric.

When my collar is open, I’m aware you can notice the zipper parts on the inside.

I thought I could hide it by sewing biastape to the zipper.

I sew biastape with Binder Attachment for Pre-Folded Bias Tape #87

Image of Binder Attachment for Pre-Folded Bias Tape #87.

Binder Attachment for Pre-Folded Bias Tape #87

For perfect corners and beautiful curves ✓  Ideal tool for sewing neat edge finishes with pre-folded bias tape ✓ Ease of handling ✓ For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

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sew biastape on the zipper edges BERNINA


bias tape on the zipper edges BERNINA

Now continue to sew the rest of the blouse. It’s easy to finish the bottom side of the zipper in the seam of the front panel.

Read the blogpost Tips for collar, darts and topstitching, for a neat finish of your sewing.

In the end, I use Edgestitch Foot #10 for topstitching.

Image of Edgestitch Foot #10.

Edgestitch Foot #10

Excellent for topstitching edges, hems and pleats ✓  Ideal for sewing on lace or ribbon ✓  For reinforcing edges ✓  The guide lets you sew perfect seams and hems running parallel to the edge ✓  For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

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Een blinde rits naaien in een blouse Bernina blinde ritsvoet

The invisible zipper is really invisible!

Blinde rits naaien in blouse Bernina

At last, I’m ready for the party in 60s style!

Free sewing instructions: Invisible Zipper in a blouse

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