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Why Choose a BERNINA Q Series Long Arm Machine?

Hello again fellow quilters & sewists. Happy Fall from Canada! In my last last blog post I introduced myself as  passionate & brand loyal about all things BERNINA. This time I would like to introduce you to why I chose a BERNINA Q20 Long Arm Machine with a Studio Frame.

 I have been a hard working long arm quilter & quilting instructor for several years & it was time to purchase a BERNINA Q Series Long Arm Machine for more throat space & a machine upgrade.

BERNINA Q20 & Studio Frame in my sewing suite

I just finished this quilt with my BERNINA Q20 long Arm Machine & Studio Frame, Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 & Darning Foot#9.  Just off my BERNINA Q20 frame, check out my blog post about this Crumb Pieced Star in A Star Quilt (new pattern) on my website here

This quilt shows use of the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 & the Darning Foot #9 with ruler work & free motion quilting.

Crumb Pieced Star In A Star Quilt with ruler work and free motion quilting

Why I purchased the Q20 Long Arm Machine & Studio Frame

  • The studio frame fits nicely into my space with it’s 10 foot length, I have no room for anything longer
  • The BERNINA Q20 Long Arm Machine has excellent stitch quality & consistency with the BERNINA stitch regulator BSR ( I had also test driven one at my local dealer)
  • I love the on-board bobbin winder, this means no separate bobbin winding machine required
  • The digital thread tension control is so easy to use = variety of thread choices/thicknesses of projects
  • I needed a machine & frame system with pantograph/edge to edge capabilities which the BERNINA Q20 & Pantograph Kit provides me
  • I needed a ruler work base for ruler work, it’s awesome
  • The ergonomic,  BERNINA Palm Precision Handles  adjust to my specific physical requirements
  • Easy maintenance
  • Throat space ( I upgraded from 16″ previously to 20″ with the BERNINA Q20)
  • Basting mode…… bliss
  • Large bobbin “M” class stands for more!
  • The ability to use many different hopping feet that BERNINA manufactures including foot #9, #15, #24, #26, #29, #43, #44C, #72, #72S, #73, #74 and #96
  •  The bright lights…50 bright LED lights along the throat space of the machine, simply fantastic
  • The ability to convert this machine to a sit down model later on when I am no longer doing custom long arm work for clients 
  • The Q20 fits into 4 different sit down tables
  • and so much more

First Impressions of the BERNINA Q20 with Studio Frame

Where do I start, I’m in love with a machine! It’s so user friendly, so reliable in terms of stitch quality & it’s a thrill to quilt with it. I feel blessed to have the BERNINA Q20  as my “business partner”.  Although I’m vertically challenged when standing, the ergonomic BERNINA Palm Precision Handles make a big difference for me in terms of shoulder stress & fatigue. I feel like this machine will bring my workmanship to new quality heights.  It will be exciting to see what I can do with custom long arm work and teaching samples. 

Ruler Work with a Bernina Q 20 Long Arm Machine

Ruler Work sample #2  (for classes) with my new pattern called Interlocked

Interlocked pattern original pattern design

Interlocked Pattern – Quilt Sample #1 for classes

What Is In The Future?

In upcoming posts on this blog I will discuss various BERNINA Long Arm Quilting Accessories and some very creative uses for all of them. Additionally, I will share with you some of my ruler work teaching samples, custom long arm work, thread painting, free motion quilting & projects, projects, projects!

Follow along with me as I discuss tips for success with the BERNINA Q20 Long Arm Machine with the addition of inspiring photos & videos.  Also, see daily what I am up to on Instagram. If you have any ideas of what you want me to share or questions for this BERNINA Blog post, please feel free comment below.  This is going to be an exciting journey!





Used Products:
Darning Foot #9
Darning Foot #9
Adjustable Ruler Foot #72
Adjustable Ruler Foot #72
Pantograph kit
Pantograph kit
Ruler work kit
Ruler work kit
Ruler Kit Longarm
Ruler Kit Longarm

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    So excited for you. Machine I want with 10 foot currently have 16 inch head and 7 foot frame. Sadly lack room for 10 foot so am designing my way to a slightly larger space so I can purchase this machine.  Paint me green with envy but so very happy for you!

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