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Sewing instructions for children’s skirt Poppy

Sewing the children’s skirt “Poppy” with an overlock

The “Poppy” children’s skirt is a simple but exciting project from the Fashion Looks collection. Today, I’ll show you how to sew this overlock skirt project.

This collection comes from the imagination of Swiss designer Irène Münger and is inspired by the fabrics of English textile designer Kaffe Fassett. It’s the first sew-it-yourself fashion collection. The trendy patterns are available online in our inspiration shop. You can find more information about the collection and all of the looks at

Rock nähen - das Modell "Poppy"

So that this children’s skirt can be sewn as easily as possible, there’s a detailed tutorial from me today. I show you with pictures how you can sew the skirt “Poppy” with the overlock.

How to sew – children’s skirt with overlock

Okay let’s get started:

Material for children’s skirt “Poppy”:

  • 1,70-2,50 m Kaffe Fassett fabric, Green 110 cm wide
  • 30 cm Kaffe Fassett fabric, Indigo 110 cm wide
  • elastic cord 3 m long

Preparations/fabric cutting

The pattern is part of the BERNINA Fashion Looks: To the pattern children’s skirt “Poppy”.

Here you will find an overview of all patterns.

When printing out the pattern, make sure that you do not make any size adjustments. You can check this with the control square on the pattern.

The pattern already contains all seam and hem allowances.

The following pieces will be cut:

Kaffe Fassett fabric Green:

  • 1x front and back piece to the fold 
  • 1x front and back piece with seam
  • 2x (outside) pockets

Kaffe Fassett fabric Indigo:

  • 1x waistband to the fold
  • 2x pocket linings

Sew children’s skirt – here we go!

Place the right sides of the skirt pieces together and pin. Close the center back seams and side seams with 4-thread overlock stitch.

Setting: Blade to 7 mm / red approx. 4.25 / blue approx. 3.5

Place the short edges of the waistband right sides together and pin in place. Close the edge and leave 4 cm of it open on one side (to pull the elastic out later).

Pin the seam at the waistband together, wrong sides together, and fold the entire waistband into the fold and iron.

Mark 4 folds on the waistband and skirt using pins. Pin the waistband to the skirt right sides together, with the seam from the waistband coming to the center back. Sew on the waistband with 4-thread overlock stitch.

Sew pockets on children’s skirt:

Sew the pocket and pocket lining together right sides together on one of the short edges, iron.

Place the other short edges of the pocket and lining right sides together.

Pin the long edges together and close with 4-thread overlock stitch.

Turn the pocket inside out and fold the seam allowance inward at open edge and iron flat.

Position the pocket on the skirt (15 cm away from the top edge) and sew it on with narrow edges from the front.

Finishing children’s skirt:

Pull the elastic through the waistband (through the opening), push the ends of the elastic over each other and sew together with zigzag stitch.

Pull the elastic completely into the waistband and close the opening.

Finish the hem with the overlock and the rolled hem stitch.

Finished is your children’s skirt “Poppy

I hope that my tutorial for this children’s skirt helps you further and wish you a lot of fun while making it!

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