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Embroider an Angel ornament with BERNINA Embroidery Software

Today, for the 18th window of the Blog Advent Calendar, I am delighted to share my embroidered angel ornament with you. Time is flying by, but you might have a little time before Christmas for some glittery and pretty decor. You can use this angel ornament for a beautiful Christmas tree decoration or hang it on some branches in a vase.

Engelanhänger sticken

Embroidering the angel ornament | Angel as an embroidery sticker

In a few steps, I’ll show you how I created my angel’s file as an embroidery file. You can get the embroidery file as a free download. Finally, I have another freebie for you: you can get my painted angel as a free download in PDF format. This allows you to print and cut it out in different ways, e.g. as an embroidery sticker on adhesive film.

Painted angels

First, I digitally painted an angel on my tablet, then transferred it to my PC for further editing. 

Digital gemalter Engel

Angel ornament embroidery file as a download

You can download the angel ornament embroidery file for free using the following link:

Embroidery file in various formats

The link directs you to a ZIP file. By clicking on the link, it is automatically downloaded to your computer. Don’t forget to unzip it before you send the files to your sewing machine.


  • For this embroidery file, you will only need a few remnants of embroidery felt, craft felt or synthetic leather
  • Embroidery stabilizer
  • Embroidery scissors (good for cutting off small remnants of thread)
  • Tape, creping tape or gaffer tape
  • Embroidery threads in different colors
  • Thin hanging cord 

Edit angel ornament with embroidery software

For me, it is always a nice challenge to create a file with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9. I am grateful and thrilled with every success. The sayings “masters are made, not born” and “practice makes perfect” apply. 

Image of BERNINA Embroidery Software 9.

BERNINA Embroidery Software 9

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I still practice diligently and am very down to earth – and I am definitely not perfect. But I hope you like my little Christmas Angel and that you will enjoy making many more.

I would like to show you my process in a few steps.

Embroidering Christmas angel

Insert image as template

Create the pattern as an embroidery file

First, I loaded the image of my angel onto the work surface of the software. Based on this template, I started creating the various patterns.

Sewing angel ornaments

closed fill stitch

It is a good idea to think about which patterns should be digitized and in which order. However, if the correct sequence is not achieved immediately, it is not a problem because you can always move the individual parts around.

My goal here is not to explain the digitization or punching of embroidery files to you, but to let you look over my shoulder. Perhaps also to give you a bit of courage, because I was also an absolute novice and have learned a lot in the meantime.

Embroidered Christmas Angel

Adjust the shape.

Christmas tree tag

Finalize the shape of the dress

Christmas tree tag

The first wing is created

Christmas tree tag

Function horizontally flip and copy

Both angel wings have been created

The wings must be behind the dress

Gestickte Weihnachtsengel

Finished shape as a pendant

In the following photo, you can see that I implemented all the small details in my painted angel on the left, not in the embroidered version on the right. This is because the embroidery would otherwise have become too overloaded and too tight.

Left image, right embroidered angel

Embroidering the ornament

After I created the angel ornament with the embroidery software, I transferred the file to my BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition embroidery machine and embroidered the individual sequences onto my material.

Image of BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition.

BERNINA 790 PLUS Crystal Edition

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Engelanhänger sticken

First, insert the stabilizer into the embroidery hoop, in this case the BERNINA Medium Embroidery Hoop, then thread the desired thread and embroider the first outline.

You can see the individual steps in the photos of the embroidery images.

The second step is to firmly embroider the embroidery felt.

And the subsequent embroidery steps continue as follows.

You may be wondering why there is a line between the two wings on the angel ornament. This line connects both wings and saves unnecessary thread cuts. I learned this from a dear colleague, Kasia Hanack, and of course I have benefited from several BERNINA online training sessions.

Engelanhänger sticken

I often embroider several steps in the same color, although they are marked as different thread colors in the stitch overview. However, these different markings are important for the embroidery stops.

Tip: Use HTTBC bobbin case

With the golden bobbin of the HTTBC Bobbin Case is even more beautiful. These days I love using it for embroidery.

Image of HTTBC bobbin case.

HTTBC bobbin case

The CB Hook is one of the four BERNINA hook systems. You can find out which machines require CB-hook bobbins and bobbin cases.

Learn more

Back of the angel ornament

A back fabric should be used to ensure that the back of the angel looks nice too. I usually use the same material as the front; in this case I use a pink embroidery felt.

Always fasten the back piece with crepe tape or another tape of your choice. I also like to use gaffer tape, which you can find in a hardware store, or even spray adhesive.

Then the hoop is reattached to the embroidery module and the last two sequences are embroidered. This is followed by the last outline, which connects both parts together, and an eyelet.

Engelanhänger sticken

Of course, several embroidery passes are required to achieve the final and desired result.


Glitter angel

For the following Christmas angel, I used a leftover piece of a special effect embroidery film. 

For this I had to adjust the embroidery design a little so that the film would also shine nicely. This means that for the full embroidery areas, I reduced the stitch density to between 0.7 and 1.

Engelanhänger sticken

Angel with glitter film

Stitch sequences

Again, in principle, the same sequences have to be embroidered one after the other, but in this case the embroidery film is embroidered immediately after the second step so that it cannot slip.

Gestickte Weihnachtsengel

Gestickte Weihnachtsengel

Here you can see the film glimmering through the dress.

Carefully tear off the special effect film at the edges before embroidering the back. It’s really easy!

Engelanhänger sticken

Once again, remove the embroidery hoop from the embroidery unit and attach the back. Do not forget to secure, turn, and attach to the embroidery module again.

The last embroidery sequences are now embroidered and the angel is then cut out using the fabric scissors. Finally, punch the upper hole for the cord, and you are finished.

The angel ornament is complete!

During my repeated test embroidery of the angel ornaments, I made minor corrections again and again until I liked the final design and the embroidery stitches.


Left angel: embroidered on artificial leather

Feel free to try out different materials, including embroidering the angel on artificial leather. I embroidered the left angel ornament onto silver-colored synthetic leather without glitter film, and I really like the way it turned out. With the angel on the right, the special effect film seems subtle; I like that a lot too. We all know that individual tastes differ. Everyone is free to choose their own settings.


The painted angel as a PDF

As promised at the start, I can provide you with the painted angel as a PDF:

PDF file for printing

The PDF contains numerous different versions, which you can use as a sticker, for example. 

You can download the PDF of the angel stickers onto your PC and print them onto printable labels or special embroidery paper using a laser or inkjet printer. For the best printing, observe the printer setting and the manufacturer’s specifications for the selected paper.

You can then cut out the stickers by hand or with the plotter.

For my plotter, which I can use to scan the printed sheet directly, I set an additional outline of 2 mm and am very satisfied with the result.


Engel Sticker

For me, it is an extremely exciting, creative process to design my own drawing, edit it with the embroidery software, and ultimately embroider using the generated file. You will perhaps enjoy the process as much as I do, and I hope I have been able to motivate you today to create your own embroidery file from your own drawing. If you don’t already have the software, you can try it for free for 30 days.

I hope you liked my description and that you enjoy embroidering these little angels!

Engel als Sticker

Thank you for following me up to this point. Have a peaceful, healthy, happy and, of course, creative Advent season!

Warm wishes,

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