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Reversible Checkerboard Table Runner

My inspiration for this work

I am always looking for different ways to use a long arm quilting machine. The channel locks fascinated me, therefore I just had to try and create something arty, using these!


The red side of the Reversible Checkerboard Table Runner

How I designed this table runner 

As channel locks on a long arm machine are usually used to stitch straight vertical or horizontal lines, my first thought was to do a checkerboard design. However, it meant a lot of measuring and marking on the quilt top. The quilt top was positioned on the frame and the measuring started. Once that was done, I set the vertical channel lock on the Bernina Q24 and started quilting. One has to be patient and persevere to see the outcome but I was very pleased once both the vertical and horizontal lines were quilted.


The silver side of the reversible checkerboard table runner with red border

Applique paper and foil

The squares were counted, the applique paper was measured and cut to one square inch. These were ironed onto the checkerboard, the paper released and red foil was applied on one side, using a Teflon sheet and an iron. The process was repeated on the other side except silver foil was used.


Applique paper and silver foil was added

Mach-stick quilting and oil paintstick

Afterwards a border was added and I did some match-stick quilting on the silver side. On the red side, a bit of red Markall oil paintstick was applied. The edges were finished off with silk that was couched on and Tyvek beads were made for the tassels.


A red border was added and match-stick quilting done

Double sided checkerboard quilt, you will need: 

You can choose your own colour scheme but for these instructions, I’ll stick with a black, red and silver palette. If you don’t have a longarm machine, you can also create this on a domestic machine.

  • 2 x half a metre 100% black cotton fabric for top and backing of quilt.
  • Loomtex batting
  • Enough black and red 100% cotton fabric for the border.
  • Red and silver foil
  • Applique paper

Black, red and cerise pink machine embroidery thread.


Extra materials like an oil paintstick and foil needed for decoration

    • Sewing machine of which feed dogs can drop
    • Silk cord
    • Red Markall oil paintstick
    • Tyvek, small beads and bead-wire for tassels (optional)
    • Use the channel locks on your longarm to quilt a grid that is your desired length and width.
    • Remove quilt from long arm machine and square off.
    • Apply foil on both sides.
    • On your domestic machine, sew border on and be sure to add extra batting.
    • Do matchstick quilting, using a ruler and a ruler foot.
    • Couch the silk cord onto the edge as well as where your work requires extra decoration.
    • Apply oil paintstick after all the machine sewing is done and allow to dry for 48 hours.
    • Sew the tassels onto the corners of your work and enjoy your own checkerboard quilted table runner!

Oil Paintstick and tyvek beads/tassels were added

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Free sewing instructions: Checkerboard Table Runner

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Used Material: 100% Cotton Fabric, applique paper, cutting mat, foil, Loomtex batting, Machine embroidery threads, marking tool, Ruler to mark, ruler to quilt, silk cord

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