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Gathering and sequins on the overlocker

After last week’s overlocker event (here’s the blogpost) I had enough inspiration to try the new presser feet myself. I make a girls’ skirt with gathering and sequins on the overlocker. I guessed the size for a 5year old girl, considering a waist of 50 cm (it depends on the girls’ body shape). My skirt is 27 cm high when finished.

It is made on the overlocker without using the sewing machine. Isn’t that funny?

Gathering and sequins on the overlocker Bernina


Supplies for a skirt on the overlocker:

  • BERNINA L 460 or a different type overlocker
  • 35 cm cotton fabric (or more, if you want to make a longer skirt).
  • elastic (dimension depends on the elasticity, mine was 55 cm long, seam included)
  • sequin tape
  • Mettler thread in a matching color for the upper looper, when sewing the sequins
  • Mettler Seralene overlocker thread
Image of BERNINA L 460.


The BERNINA overlocker L 460 offers up to 1500 stitches per minute and ensures beautiful and flexible stitches. The BERNINA L 460 is the perfect overlocker/serger for the creative sewer of knitwear.

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Start to sew the skirt on the overlocker

Cut a 70 cm x 10 cm stripe (seam included) for the waist band. Fold and iron lengthwise.

Cut a 25 cm stripe (or more, if you like to make a longer skirt) of the rest of your fabric, leave it as wide as the fabric is. This is the skirt. Fold a 0.75 cm over and iron for the bottom seam.

Attach the Gathering Foot #L18 to the machine.
Cut the fabric before starting:

Image of Gathering Foot #L18.

Gathering Foot #L18

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Set the differential transport to maximum (2 is my maximum).

Put the long stripe that needs to be gathered under the metal tongue of the presserfoot.

Put the folded waist band in the presser foot, above the metal plate.

Rimpelen en pailletten op de overlocker

Sew together. Be sure to give the bottom stripe free entrance in the machine, to get nice even gathers.

Gathering and sequins on the overlocker

After gathering, cut the extra length of the skirt.  My skirt is 124 cm long and the waist band is 70 cm.


Sew the sequins to the skirt:

Put the Beading and Sequin Foot #L15 on the machine. Set the differential feed to standard again. Remove the left needle and thread the upper looper with a matching thread with the sequins. Set stitch width according to the sequin tape.

Image of Beading and Sequin Foot #L15.

Beading and Sequin Foot #L15

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Put the sequins in the presser foot. Guide the fabric along the knife and don’t cut the seam.

Gathering and sequins on the overlocker

Sew the sequins along the hem and cut at the end.

Gathering and sequins on the overlocker

Remove some sequins along the last cm of the hem. Tweezers are handy!


Close the sideseam:

Insert the elastic in the waistband.

Pin at a safe distance from the fabric edge, to be sure the knife won’t touch the pins…

Overlock and secure stitches: as the needle makes 2 stitches in the fabric, lift the presser foot (with the knee lift) and pull the threads under the presser foot, to sew with the seam.

At the end of the seam, you stop after the last stich in the seam, turn the skirt over and overlock in the other direction to secure the seam.

Pull the thread over the sequins, by rubbing sideways over the sequins. The skirt is ready now!

Gathering and sequins on the overlocker

Your little girl can show off with her new skirt! Well, it doesn’t fir my baby yet… 🙂 .

Gathering and sequins on the overlocker

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