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Join a BERNINA overlocker event

When you get an invitation to join a BERNINA overlocker event (or any other event) at your dealer’s place, I can only encourage you to take part in it. You lean so much of different applications with the machine. There are so many more functions in an overlocker than just finishing a seam.  On February 16, I joined such an event and I learned so much about the presser foot I already purchased, but hadn’t used yet, because I wasn’t sure of how to use them.

Danielle demonstrated the ins and outs of the BERNINA L 460 (it’s the one with the knee lift…) and she used Mettler threads.

Image of BERNINA L 460.


The BERNINA overlocker L 460 offers up to 1500 stitches per minute and ensures beautiful and flexible stitches. The BERNINA L 460 is the perfect overlocker/serger for the creative sewer of knitwear.

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Look at the girl’s skirt I made with these presser feet.

Join a BERNINA overlocker event


The multipurpose foot to sew piping

To make your own piping, you take a small stripe of fabric, long enough for the piping you want to use in your project and fold it over a cord. If you want to follow a curved seam, cut the fabric on the bias or take biastape. There is an opening on the bottom of theMulti-Purpose Foot L 450/460 where it guids the cord.

Image of Multi-Purpose Foot L 450/460.

Multi-Purpose Foot L 450/460

For flatlock with strands of beads and pearls ✓  For rolled hems with strands of beads ✓  Producing piping ✓  Attaching piping ✓ 

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You can sew the pipng directly on the fabric when you overlock both the piping and the fabric in one seam.

There is more information in this video:


The multipurpose foot for sequins:

Put the sequins in the slot on top of the Beading and Sequin Foot #L15. Thread the machine for a 4-thread overlock seam.

Image of Beading and Sequin Foot #L15.

Beading and Sequin Foot #L15

The expert for bead and sequin strings ✓ Sew on bead and sequin strings with ease ✓ Strings with a max. diameter of 6 mm ✓ For elegant edges ✓ Compatible with L 850/860 ✓ 

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Chek if the sequins point in the right direction (see picture): they should overlap with the previous one on top, so they don’t get stuck in the overlock threads. After overlocking the sequins, you can hide the threads in between the sequins by rubbing over them with the tip of your fingers.

Sewing sequins or beads is for the right side of the fabric.

Watch this video tutorial:


The blindstitch foot:

Use a 3thread overlockseam, using the left needle and a large stitchlength for the Blindstitch Foot L 450/460

Image of Blindstitch Foot L 450/460.

Blindstitch Foot L 450/460

For an invisible edge finish ✓  Also suitable for flatlock and heirloom sewing ✓  Infinitely adjustable ✓  Folded edges can be guided easily for sewing without cutting ✓ 

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Try this function as a test before you hem your garment, it could take a learning curve.

There’s a foot for thick (1mm) and thin (0,5mm) fabric.

You will sew in the fold of the fabric, trying to pick a minimum of the fabric. In this way you have a nearly invisible hem on the right side.  For this demonstration, Danielle used contrasting thread. In a garment it is necessary to take a matching colour for the thread. It’s easier to have an invisible seam.

Watch the video:

Use the blind hem presser foot with a 2thread overlockstitch for a flatlock seam. Decrease the thread tension for the needle. After finishing this seam, you pull both layers of fabric open to see the long vertical stitches.


The gathering foot.

Set the machine for a maximum differential feed. The amount of gathering varies depending on the fabric weight or the fabric compound or stitchlength.

Cut the fabric for a 0,5 cm seam, and 2 or 3 cm long to start the seam.

The Gathering Foot #L18 can be used with a single or double layer of fabric.

Image of Gathering Foot #L18.

Gathering Foot #L18

Sew decorative ruffles with ease ✓ Gathering of individual fine fabric layers ✓ Simultaneous gathering & sewing onto a flat piece of fabric ✓ Evenly gathering of fabric strips for ruffles ✓ 

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Put the fabric layer that needs to be gathered under the metal plate of the presser foot.

In this picture you can see how the bottom brown fabric is gathered to the lighter beige fabric:

Watch the video:


The elasticator foot

When I arrived, Danielle and the other ladies were in an interesting conversation on sewing underwear. How easily you can adjust to your own sizes and wishes. Well, this is a very interesting foor for sewing lingerie, bathing suits and sportswear. You can use elastics from 5mm to 1,2 cm.

Put the elastic in the Elasticator Foot L 450/460 and adjust the screw to give more or less pressure to the elastics. It  is necessary to set pressure on top of the machine to H (high pressure).

Image of Elasticator Foot L 450/460.

Elasticator Foot L 450/460

For elastic tapes from 5 to 12 mm wide ✓  The tapes are streteched evenly when serging fabric edges ✓  The stretch of the tape can be adjusted ✓  Especially for lingerie, swim- and sportswear ✓ 

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BERNINA overlocker event

You sew the elastics to the fabric. Be sure the needle goes in the elastic tape.

You will have an even gathering with the elastic:

After overlocking, you fold the elastic over and sew a narrow zigzag stitch over it with the sewing machine.

Here ‘s the video:

I loved to learn more about all the other functions of the overlocker. Some of the presser feet I already owned were never used before. It’s time to use them now, afther this demonstration. The participants asked questions, had new ideas or wondered what else you could do with these presser feet. Join a Bernina overlocker event is very interesting, be sure!

And at the occasion of an event, there’s probably a nice discount on the presser feet…

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