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Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style, an ideal project to start with the accessory of the month, cordonnet foot 11. Sashiko is a traditional Japanese decorative way of mending fabric. It is typically sewn with white thread on indigo fabric. Sew Sashiko style patterns with the sewing machine, there are several ways to do so. In this tutorial, I use cordonnet thread on the sewing machine and jeans fabric for a mug rug.

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style Bernina


Supplies to sew a mug rug in Sashiko style:

  • 2 patches of jeans fabric 20 x 20 cm
  • 1 patch of thick fabric, size 20 x 20
  • Mettler Silk Finish Cotton 28
  • Mettler Seralon sewing hread to finish the mug rug.
  • Topstitch needles Schmetz
  • Cordonnet Foot #11
  • A BERNINA sewing machine, I use the 710.
  • BERNINA rulers, or round or curved shapes
Image of Cordonnet Foot #11.

Cordonnet Foot #11

For sewing and topstitching with cordonnet as the upper thread ✓  Also for sewing sashiko patterns and the like ✓  The groove on the bottom of the sole ensures an even fabric feed ✓  For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

Learn more


How do you start to sew Sashiko?

Draw the pattern on the fabric. The large square is 16 x 16 cm. I added an extra layer of thick (soft) fabric to stabilize the fabric.

You don’t own the rulers yet? You can use lids or plates to draw the curved lines and stitch over the lines.

Sew the outer square with cordonnet thread. Take standard sewing thread on the bobbin. Use a topstitch needle.

Don’t secure stitches in the way you usually do. Just start stitching and leave a tail on top and back of your project.

Be sure to sew very neat corners.

After sewing a side of the square, you can lift the fabric and pull the bobbin thread. In this way you are able to pull the top thread to the back and make a double knot.

When you finished the 4 sides of the squares, you can start with the curved lines. Go round the outer line.

Naai met cordonnet in Sashiko-stijl

Don’t forget to pull the tails to the back and knot.

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style Bernina

Sew the diagonal lines and go on with the center lines.

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style Bernina

After sewing each centerline, you can continue with the curved lines on both sides.

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style Bernina

It’s fun to sew neat corners.

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style Bernina


Finish the mug rug:

When all sewing lines are finished, you can cut the back fabric close to the outer square line.

Pin it to the other patch of jeans fabric, right sides facing. In between the red pins, you will make an opening to turn the project inside out.

Sew at a distance of 0,5 cm around the outer square.

Trim the seam allowance to 1 cm and cut the corners.

Turn the mug rug inside out, iron and pin the opening:

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style Bernina

Sew around the shape with a topstitch in a matching color to the fabric.

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko style Bernina

The mug rug is finished.

Sew with cordonnet in Sashiko stle, a mug rug is an ideal starters project.

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