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Zip it Up! Part 4: How to sew a perfect zip

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How to sew a zip

Zips of all types are currently bang on trend. A zip between the outer fabric and facing gives a flawless look, especially on garments that are worn open, but installing it there is a project for the  more patient sewist who sets great store by perfection. Here, we show you how to achieve success with less effort.

Step 1:

Mark sewing line for zip on wrong side of both outer fabric and facing. The width corresponds to the zip slider plus 2–3mm. Slash open slit and snip in corners (red lines in drawing).

Installing a zip 01

Step 2:

Place outer fabric right-side-up on table – this corresponds to view in drawing. Open zip. Place left zip tape right-sides-together on outer fabric, along the left slit edge. The zip teeth should begin below the neck seam line.

Installing a zip 02


Step 3:

Place right side of facing on wrong side of zip tape and insert zip along sewing line up to bottom corner. Place right zip tape right-sides-together on outer fabric, along the right slit edge; place right side of facing on wrong side of zip tape. Insert zip along sewing line up to bottom corner.

Installing a zip 03

Step 4:

Close zip. Flip up outer fabric and facing at bottom end of zip, so that the little triangles on the zip tape can be sewn.

Installing a zip 04

Step 5:

Press edges. The picture shows the finished front and back. With right sides together, stitch together neckline edges of facing and outer fabric on dress (page 7; inspiration Magazine 69). Clip seam allowances and trim in corners; press. 


Step 6:

Alternatively, you can first stitch the outer fabric right-sides-together with the facing and turn, then insert the zip, as is also done for zip pockets. For this, mark sewing line as described in
step 1. Place facing and outer fabric right sides-together and stitch together on this line. At the same time, you should also stitch together and turn the neckline edges of the front and facing.  We’ve left this step out of the drawing for the sake of greater clarity. Slash open slit and snip in corners. Turn fabric right-side-out and press edges. Place zip below in centre and insert, turning the edges under as shown in the picture on the right (back). The picture shows the finished front and back.



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Free sewing instructions: Perfect zip

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