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Sewing a Stitch Book With Decorative Stitches- Part 1

It’s spring and not only beautiful weather has arrived, so did my BERNINA 790PRO . In my last post I unboxed this beautiful machine.
Today, I would like to discuss how I’m getting to know this very sophisticated machine by sewing a stitch book with decorative stitches using  the many (700) decorative stitches it has programmed into it. 
Note: If you don’t have this machine, you can stitch out a stitch book with your unique sewing  machine and decorative stitches.

Stitch pages, BERNINA 790 PRO sewing Machine, sew a stitch book

Decorative Stitch pages from Menu 100-600 shown with the BERNINA 790PRO

BERNINA 790 PRO with decorative stitch menu selected

BERNINA 790 PRO with decorative stitch menu selected

Why make a stitch book?

While stitching out decorative stitches there is an opportunity to see the sizes of the stitches , stitched out in actual size and not the size of the tiny icons in the machine manual.
Stitching out also allows the sewist to get more familiar with the I icon, the question mark ? Icon for what the stitch is used for, all of the menus, presser feet & more. 

In addition, stitching a decorative stitch out helps to understand the directionality of the stitch & hand/ fabric placement especially with sideways motion stitches. Every opportunity to practice is a step towards getting better at working with your unique machine. Making a stitch book will give you more thorough knowledge of the totality of your sewing machine.

I found that stitching out the decorative stitches made my creative thoughts soar as I realized the project ideas for these fantastic stitches and I am now realizing more of my sewing machine’s assets and decorative potential.

Supplies Needed:

  • fabric , cut 6 x 10”
  • medium weight fusible stabilizer
  • black permanent marker
  • card stock
  • vinyl report covers for binders
  • binder(s)
  • iron
  • embroidery thread
  • bobbin weight thread
  • #1C Reverse Pattern Foot or recommended for the stitch (#1, #20 etc)
  • Sewing Machine with decorative stitches ( I used my BERNINA 790PRO & loved every second of it❤️)
  • cover paper for the front of your binder as shown with a graphic made from the computer
Decorative stitch cover page

Decorative Stitch Binder Cover Page

Steps to make a stitch book:

    • cut and stabilize fabric
    • insert the correct presser foot according to machine specifications 
    • insert an embroidery needle
    • insert embroidery thread & bobbin fill thread
    • select a decorative stitch menu
    • stitch using the presser foot edge as a guide or draw lines
    • once the fabric page is filled, glue to card stock , mark & label
    • insert decorative stitched fabric into report covers
    • see pages below
Decorative stitches on black fabric

Decorative stitch pages from stitch book

  • admire your efforts, this is an exciting process!

For more information , have  a look at my YouTube video by clicking on the link ⬇️ 

Make a Stitch Book With the BERNINA 790PRO

I sincerely hope you give this decorative stitch book a try with your BERNINA sewing machine and realize your machines unlimited creative potential. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Sew a Stitch Book With Decorative Stitches coming up soon on this blog.


Free sewing instructions: Stitch book

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: A week or more
Used Products:
Reverse Pattern Foot #1
Reverse Pattern Foot #1

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