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Create This Wall Quilt With Decorative Stitches

Explore all the unused decorative stitches included with your BERNINA sewing machine as I show you how to create this wall quilt with decorative stitches.

Create Wall Quilt

Make this wall quilt to make use of decorative stitches on your BERNINA sewing machine

Why Make This Create Wall Quilt With Decorative Stitches?

We all use our sewing machines for practical purposes like making garments, home decor and quilting to name just a few. Often this is the reason we purchase our machines.  It is also very useful to work on a project where the built in (but often overlooked ) decorative stitches on our fantastic BERNINA sewing machines are used. When we see how these stitches look and apply them to future, practical projects we see they enhance our sewing. For example, a beautiful stitch on the edge of a collar, cuff, pillow edge or quilt binding can make your project look very customized and unique.
Today, I’ll show you how fun it is to create this wall quilt with decorative stitches for the entry into my sewing studio. It not only helped me to practice the vast array of decorative stitches on the BERNINA 790 PRO, it also reminded me to create every day.
I encourage you to give this project a try.

Bernina 790 Pro

                                   BERNINA 790 PRO

Supplies Needed:

  • BERNINA 790 PRO or your BERNINA machine with decorative stitches
  • Reverse Pattern Foot #1c or similar ( refer to machine settings for appropriate foot for stitches)
  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator  ( BSR) optional 
  • Embroidery Foot #26L or similar embroidery foot
  • Patchwork Foot #37
  • Embroidery Module for lettering ( can also be appliquéd or thread painted)
  • Pattern for flower petals – free download of pattern available here: Petal Pattern
  • 64- 2 1/2 “ squares of cotton fabric or a background piece 16 1/2” x 16 1/2”
  • scraps of fabric for petals 
  • embroidery threads to match or contrast
  • thread for piecing background & binding
  • thread for quilting 
  • bobbin weight thread
  • monofilament ( invisible thread) optional 
  • batting 18 x 18”
  • backing fabric 18 x 18”
  • embroidery scissors 
  • erasable fabric marker
  • ruler
  • practise piece of fabric ( optional)-see video below 
  • 16 1/2” square piece of medium weight stabilizer for embroidery and decorative stitches
  • small piece of light weight fusible web or fabric glue stick 
  • stiletto ( optional) for binding
  • machine manual for viewing decorative stitches
  • the motivation to create every day 😊
Image of Patchwork Foot #37.

Patchwork Foot #37

For patchwork projects with seam allowances of 3 mm (1/8”) or 6 mm (1/4”) ✓  Three notches on the side for precise guidance ✓  For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

Learn more
Image of Embroidery Foot #26L.

Embroidery Foot #26L

Embroidery Foot #26L ✓ The universal embroidery foot ✓ For darning fine fabrics ✓ For optimal results, use the straight-stitch plate ✓ The shape of the presser-foot sole helps create an attractive embroidery result ✓ For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓ 

Learn more

Steps to Make the Wall Quilt:

*Steps are also included in video below*

Prepare the Backgound:

  1. Piece or cut out the background fabric , should be 16 1/2 x 16 1/2” & press
Background fabric , pieced grey squares for background

                         Background fabric

  • Find the centre of your background , mark a line down the centre on the front vertically and a line 2 1/2” up from the bottom horizontally ( you will centre your word create here)
  • Adhere stabilizer on the back of your background fabric
Back of stabilized fabric

                    Back of stabilized fabric

  • Hoop your background , turn the design so that it is centred and is the size you want for the word create . (Try with a practise fabric first)
Practice piece of fabric with the word create on it

                               Practice sample

  • Stitch out the word create ( embroidery font menu #5 was used for this wallhanging), leave the stabilizer on the background
Create embroidered onto background

Create is embroidered onto background with the embroidery module and the BERNINA 790 PRO

  • Remove  the design from the hoop
Start the decorative stitch process:
  • Iron fusible web to the back of several different colours of petal fabric 
  • Print, trace & cut  out the flower petal shapes ( as many as you want) using the free pattern.  The free pattern link is here: Petal Pattern
  • Use a small circle template to mark the centre of where you wish the flower to be placed with an erasable marker , I used the bottom of a BERNINA M series bobbin case.
  • Stitch out this centre with eyelet stitches ( found in the button menu of the BERNINA 790 PRO)
Eyelet stitches in yellow

Eyelet stitches stitched out in centre of flower

  • Lay out each petal in a satisfying manner around the eyelet stitches and fuse in place
Leaf appliqués fused to background to make a flower in fuschia pink

            Fused  flower petals

    • Use various thread colours and decorative stitches from different menus to sew lines  down the centre of each petal.
    • Admire each decorative stitch as you go !  
      Petal picture with decorative stitches

      Petals &  close up of decorative stitches

    • Sandwich this wallhanging with 1-2 layers of batting & a backing and quilt it by sewing close to the edges of the petals with monofilament or invisible quilting thread
    • Recommended to use a BERNINA walking foot or  free motion quilting foot
    • Stitch in the ditch for all of the background piecing recommended 
    • Quilt around the  centre circle of eyelets to emphasize the centre & stitches
    • Stitch in the ditch ( close to ) the letters of the word create
    • Make a folded 2 1/2” x 70”  piece of  binding, sew this to the back of the quilt, fold, press and clip it to the front and stitch down with a decorative stitch as shown . If a binding refresher is needed, download a free binding tutorial Here
Binding with decorative stitches

Binding shown with decorative stitches on the front

  • Admire your efforts and those gorgeous stitches. It is so rewarding to explore the decorative stitches available. Have a look at the video below to see more detailed instructions,  enjoy & create every day😊
Create with Decorative Stitches photo

                   Create with Decorative Stitches




Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Weekend
Used Material: 100% Cotton Fabric, Beginner Embroidery Projects, Bernina Embroidery Machine, Fusible embroidery stabilizer, Fusible web, quilt batting
Used Products:
Embroidery Foot #26L
Embroidery Foot #26L
Patchwork Foot #37
Patchwork Foot #37

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