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Free sewing pattern for the T-shirt “Sia” (June 2024 only)

Let’s bring some colour into you wardrobe! Download the free pattern and embroidery designs for the T-shirt “Sia” until June 30, 2024 in the paragraph Download the free sewing pattern for the T-shirt “Sia” (June 2024 only) and get creative! As always, you’ll have to be quick because each pattern is only available for free download in the month stated.



Sewing the T-shirt “Sia”

The T-shirt “Sia” creates a very special mix with the colourful ethnic print fabric and the CutWork embroidery on front & back. We chose to embroider a plain white rayon twill fabric which we reinforced with a lot of starch before cutting the holes with the BERNINA CutWork Tool. This helps keeping the shape of the holes until the edges are covered with a satin stich outline.

Image of BERNINA CutWork Tool.

BERNINA CutWork Tool

Your imagination knows no limits. To achieve the desired results, you will need a BERNINA machine capable of embroidery and the CutWork tool, which you will insert in place of the needle.

Learn more

The embroidery will take quite a while, but the shirt is relatively fast to make: The neckline and armholes are finished with a bias tape on the inside, then topstitched from the right. There are only the shoulder- and side seams to close and you need to hem the T-shirt at the end. That’s all! 

The shirt will also look great with a different embroidery design of your choice or no embroidery at all! You could also change the length of it, choose lace instead of a printed fabric, choose different colors for the front & back… In the spirit of our Irina dress sew-along, feel free to run wild with your ideas and alter the pattern to your liking!

Take a look at the magazine…

The pattern and sewing instructions for the shirt “Sia” appeared in the inspiration Magazine 2/22.

This issue features dresses and tops, light fashion for the city and the beach, a particularly comfortable jumpsuit for our little ones, or summery home decorations made all from cords.
We have also thought of the man’s world : the casual summer shirt with palm print will turn him into a fashion-savvy man in no time at all. This stylish weekender tucked under his arm makes him look particularly relaxed and totally up to date.

Issue 2/22 is available as a single issue in the inspiration online shop at the following link:

You can buy the patterns and magazine online or have them conveniently delivered to your home. 

Download the free pattern for the T-shirt “Sia” (June 2024 only)

You can download the free sewing pattern and embroidery files for the T-shirt “Sia” at the following link:

The link takes you to the BERNINA website. The pattern is available for free download once you register for the BERNINA inspiration newsletter.

Unzip the zip file containing the instructions

In case you download the zip file instead of the pdf’s, this is what you will find in the extracted folder:

  • Sewing instructions with information on materials, cutting out and sewing.
  • Embroidery files for the front and back.
  • A pattern in A4 and US Letter. You can print this out on your regular printer at home and stick the sheets together. Make sure you print out the pattern using the “original size” setting. Check the test square to make sure the pattern has been printed out in the correct size.

Please note that clicking the download button will automatically download the zip file to your computer. You will have to unzip it to access the PDF pattern or embroidery designs. In Windows, you do this by right clicking on the file and clicking on the menu item “Extract all”. On a Mac, you can unzip zip files by double clicking the left mouse button.

Downloaded files are generally automatically put into the downloads folder, but this depends on the operating system, the device used and your local settings. If you download the file on your smartphone and cannot find the file or cannot unzip it, please try using a desktop computer.

Do you want to sew the T-shirt “Sia”, but missed the download?

No problem! You can order the pattern from the shop, download and print it or have it delivered to your home. Simply click on the following link:

We wish you lots of fun with your sewing!

Best wishes,

Free sewing instructions: Shirt „Sia“

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time to Complete: A week or more
Used Material: printed knit, rayon twill, solufix, Soluvlies, spray starch, ultra solvy
Used Products:
Binder Attachment for Unfolded Bias Tape #88
Binder Attachment for Unfolded Bias Tape #88
Binder Foot #95
Binder Foot #95
BERNINA CutWork Tool
BERNINA CutWork Tool

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