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Emeritus professor of physics

I commonly use an 1892 Willcox and Gibbs treadle machine for piecing. I use my Bernina Activa 125 for zigzag work and I quilt using a vintage Singer model 15.

I am a retired physics professor and have been interested in vintage sewing machines and quilting since I retired about 10 years ago. Some time ago my daughter called and complained that her sewing machine had just quit. As I lived about 1500 miles away and knew nothing about sewing machines I could only suggest she take it to a repairman and see if it could be fixed. This got me thinking that a new sewing machine might be a good birthday present. Since I knew nothing about what made a good sewing machine I started to do a bit of research and got hooked collecting old sewing machines. After I had a basement of old sewing machines I thought I should learn how to use them so I started quilting. My wife and daughter have both sewn forever but I am the only quilter of the three.
I often take some of my machines to the local History Fest and talk about how sewing machines have changed society to 4th grade students. I have them sign quilt square and make a quilt for each History Fest..
P.S. I did end up buying my daughter a Bernina!

Sugaridoo Done!

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