Jutta Hellbach



Sewing Favorite

Artquilt, Artbags, Mixed Media, Corkleather, Leather,



Jutta Hellbach, who was born in 1966, lives and works in Rottweil in Germany. In 2005, she began creating textile crafts without any formal training and it soon became clear to her that she should focus on sewing and designing bags. Since then, she has been happy to share her enthusiasm, her experience and ideas with other textile enthusiasts.

In order to obtain the necessary accessories for her extravagant bags first-hand, in 2007 she founded her label "NadelundFarben", under which she manufactures bag accessories from high-quality nappa leathers in fashionable colours. Alongside this, she started working as a course instructor. Since 2010, she has worked with a variety of textile surface design techniques and incorporated these into her first exhibition collection, which was presented for the first time in February 2012.

As a newcomer and lateral thinker in the textile sector, Jutta Hellbach's approach is to see new techniques and materials as an exciting new challenge. In 2013 came the next step in her artistic development: Jutta's latest work consists of canvas, processed using various new colouration and screen printing techniques in combination with graphic design using text and images. Extensive machine quilting gives the work an additional three-dimensional effect.

Jutta sews all her work, be it art bags, quilts, art quilts or other textiles, on her BERNINA sewing machines, the big BERNINA 820 and the rather smaller BERNINA 580.