South Africa

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I am a teacher and an artist. As a teacher I believe in developing the voice of my students and as an artist, I believe that the ability to draw frees my own voice. No matter whether I paint or sculpt or sew, it is all based on drawing. My voice as a teacher is based on finding the individual style of my students and encouraging the specifics of that style to show themselves, to blossom and bloom through play. As an artist, my style is representational rather than abstract and I am a figurative rather than a landscape artist.

I am a professional, multimedia artist with textile as my main medium. I use my Bernina to stitch artworks together; "painting" by attaching little snippets of dress fabric to a base of canvas and stitching them together whilst "drawing" with thread.

I am also a multi-husbanded wife and have two fabulous, painted children from my first one. I live in a little seaside village in South Africa and teach a drawing class from my studio every Saturday morning. I also travel the country/world teaching different workshops, the most popular of which is called "Using Your Sewing Machine as a Creative Tool".

I believe that the more you do something the better you become at it and the better you become, the more joy can be taken from that something.

Doing something is always worthwhile.

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