Lou Robetson



Sewing Favorite

Embroidery & Digitizing


Embroidery / Digitizing Designer & Industry Educator

I'm currently running my own embroidery business and support network called Anything Embroidered where I get to create and teach in the industry by creating so many different projects like digitizing and stitching out unique embroidery designs like beautiful wedding and baby shower designs to amazing complex artwork and tattoos. I love how my life is different everyday with embroidery you never know where your creativity will take you with Bernina V8 Embroidery Software :)

Hi There my name is Lou Robertson and I am a wife of one of the best sewing machine tech's here in Australia. My Husband Gareth has been in the industry for 20 years and got me interested in sewing with embroidering streetwear when we lived back in the UK. We started out designing a graffiti style line of hooded jumpers this was around the time when myself and Gareth got married and enjoyed our honeymoon backpacking here in Australia. 6 years on now and with 2 beautiful kids I just tell people now we forgot to go home lol. life is very enjoyable running our own embroidery business (Anything Embroidered) from home and while both working for different sewing machine dealers here in Brisbane. I spend my days digitizing and doing embroidery at home with the kids part time and 1 to 2 days a week in the local sewing shop helping out such talented people with problems solving and advise on either just how to get started with digitizing, getting to know the Bernina software or help perfecting that design you have spent so much time on working out. I enjoy what I do and I think it really shows in my work and the community around me. I'm really blessed to see how Bernina really make people smile everyday.I could not see myself doing anything else :)