Pia Welsch



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Art Quilts, Embroidery


Textile Artist

I call myself an art quilter, I live in the southwest of Germany near the french border. In recent years I have participated in a number of quilt shows, e.g. in 2005 at the Hesse Museum in Gaienhofen (Lake Constance/Germany), in 2009 at the Textile Museum in St. Gallen/Switzerland. My work was part of the "Color Improvisations" exhibit, curated by Nancy Crow. In 2011, I exhibited solo at the Birmingham Quilt Festival in August. With regard to my quilts: Since 2004, I have been interested in the topic of "Ornament and Abstraction". The "ornament" refers to embroidery, the "abstraction" to my freely cutting the fabric - without using templates or similar - and the resulting forms. At present, I am quite intensely working on both components, with the aim of expressing them perfectly in my art quilts. I’m teaching constantly in Germany and other countries. In 2011, I founded „Pias Quilt-Werkstatt“ in my hometown, featuring a series of workshops where I, supported by three additional course instructors, teaches modern quilt design on all levels, from the first idea to its final execution. I’m member of the art quilt group “Network Quilters”.

Once more!

It seems to me that you have fun with embroidery designs. Here is one more for you: I made this […]