I'm currently working on quilts for family, journal quilts and challenge pieces -amongst other things. I always have several items on the go at once.

I leaned to sew as a child at home and school. An aunt showed me how to follow patterns and helped me make a shift. She passed on her 'new look' dresses which had enough fabric in the skirts to make further shifts and A-line dresses. It was refreshing to make my own clothes to supplement a drab wardrobe of hand-me-downs.
Once cheap clothes were imported I largely stopped sewing clothes although I made some for children and even showed my husband how to run up a denim suit for himself! All this happened on a treadle machine.
About 20 years ago I discovered quilting. Realising I needed to frequently change between walking and free-motion feet I looked for a machine to facilitate this without resorting to a screwdriver. I found Bernina. It was ex-display and came with an embroidery unit. I'd always been a bit sniffy about automated embroidery but it has become a continuing fascination.
My sewing is now a mix of practical quilts and contemporary, art pieces.



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