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Quilting. Patchwork, Garments and accessories for dolls, Repairing and altering textiles, sewing clothing and household


Saving the planet one scrap at a time

I taught myself to sew on a treadle. The neighbour had an old one. She swapped me helping her son with his homework in return for letting me use her machine. It took a few goes but once I got the hang of it I drafted a pattern and made my first garment. I was 14 and very proud of myself. From then on I was hooked I had been an avid hand sewer of dolly clothes from the moment I learned to ply a needle. Discovering the sewing machine opened up a whole new world for me. I sewed on treadles for years. I loved the simplicity, control and stitch definition. And the exercise! Most often I’d be peddling away with a sweet chubby toddler snuggled in my lap. I developed good strong legs! Then another game changer I saved and saved and bought my first electric machine. Top of the line, then, Bernina 1230. From then on I’ve been hooked on Bernina and now also own a vintage Bernina 830 Record that I love so much I started and manage a FaceBook Fan Page for that much loved iconic machine. The page now has many fans from all over the globe. The downside of my vintage 830, minor I know, but when you don’t have it you miss it - needle down function. I sewed halve the SugaridooBerninaQAL rows on my 1230. Then disaster struck. My machine has been lovingly cared for and regularly professionally serviced from the same Bernina reps I originally

I like to sew. I am a long time hard core Bernina fan. I created and manage a fan page on FB for the vintage Bernina830Record