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Life is wonderful - sewing is my passion! The Sewing Gypsy and her Bernina have embarked on a new life changing journey ... the adventure begins!

Well, hello there!! My name is Rhonda Noy, and I usually live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.
I have three wonderful grown up children (and their partners), Sally and her husband Ben, David and his wife Peta, and Gemma and her great guy Jack. I am blessed with two gorgeous grandchildren, Ambah and Leo, (thanks Sal and Ben) and I share my life and love with the wonderful Joseph, my Irish ‘Fish Whisperer’ … Life is great!
Sewing has been my passion since I was a very young child. My earliest sewing memories are from around the age of 5, ‘treadling’ away on my grandmother’s machines during school holidays, and handsewing hexagons ready for her to make into quilts. There has always been a sewing machine in the home I lived in (sometimes several!)
I have been associated with the Sewing Industry for well over 30 years now, commencing as a casual assistant in a Townsville store when my oldest daughter was just 15 months old … way back in 1983. Bernina machines are truly my great love ... and I was blessed indeed in 2013 to visit the Bernina Sewing Machine Factory in Thailand – a dream come true to see these amazing machines assembled and packaged ready for us to purchase.
So why … “The Sewing Gypsy” ??
Throughout my years I have moved cities nine times, and worked in many different sewing machine stores, and having been trained in many brands has given me a great knowledge base to work from. I overheard someone say (when talking to a customer after they heard of my plan to move to the Sunny Coast in 2014, that I was a real Gypsy (add in smiley face here). Well, I thought … how well that describes me … thank you! From that day on, I have referred to myself as ‘The Sewing Gypsy’!! And now, I’m living my long awaited dream … the wide open roads and beautiful coastline of Australia are calling this time … it will be ‘of no fixed abode’ for me, for around 12 months or so.
We are travelling in our Nissan Navara with Kimberley Kamper following (yes, of course my wonderful ‘Fish Whisperer’, Joseph is my travel partner ... and photographer!! – it will be his fourth adventure around this wonderful country of ours) … we are packed to the extreme, with all his fishing stuff, and my sewing machine with embroidery module, overlocker and ‘essentials’ included. I’m a freelance Sewing Industry Educator … my workplace is ‘on the road’. Come along with me, and as we journey together I hope to inspire you to venture further into the wonderful world of Bernina Sewing Machines (and accessories of course!) and share all the joy and creativity these marvellous machines have given me for so many years, as well as sharing a few travel tales. Who knows, maybe it just might ‘lure you’ into wanting to pack up just like we have, and ‘stitch up’ a great life on the road.

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