South Africa

Sewing Favorite

Design, art quilts, process


Homemaker, Quilter, Mother, Grandmother

Trienie started quilting 36years ago, and have progressed from making traditional quilts into more creative work. She shares her knowledge daily to any willing listener.
She has won prizes in the South African National Festivals in the Traditional and the Art Categories, her work has been exhibited in France, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, as well as the USA, where one also won an award.
Master Quilter status was awarded to Trienie at the 2006 National Festival in Port Elizabeth.
She is a founder member of the GRG and Vaal Triangle Guild, and serve on the committee of the latter, as well as on the SAQG committee for 9 years. Special interests are antique quilts, the Amish and their quilts, Crazy Quilts, Art Quilts and Copyright Issues.
Trienie is a SAQG accredited quilt judge, and serves as a Tutor on the SAQG panel for training Teachers, with Copyright and Contemporary Quilt Artists as subjects.

She says: - All aspects of producing a piece are a journey that I thoroughly enjoy, and I often feel it is as much about the process as the product for me.
I design my own quilts, and I often feel that the quilt is done once the design is done, even if it is still just in my head! Color is probably my favorite design element. I do not plan my quilts to the tee before I start working; it usually starts with an idea or a special piece of fabric. I work intuitively until I am pleased that a piece can stand on its own, with its own identity. Richard Diebenkorn said ““……it is not just color or form or space or line – it is everything all at once” and I strive to achieve this balance between “everything” in my work.
Although leaves and trees, flowers and all aspects of nature is very inspiring to me, I believe inspiration for a quilt can come from anywhere, and I see quilt designs in almost anything.
I am just happy to be in my studio, producing, not necessarily always a masterpiece, but something from the heart!
Being a Christian I know where we come from, where we are heading, and the relationships between most things on earth are no mystery that I feel compelled to resolve in art. I just enjoy what I do, and am very grateful that I can partake in this art form even in a small way.