Anyone can learn to sew! But what’s the best way to learn to sew? By being bold and going for it! Even sewing professionals were once beginners. The BERNINA Blog regularly publishes articles with important tips for beginners. Even advanced sewers who want to learn about some sewing trick or other will find plenty of useful information. On this page you will find selected posts on the subject of sewing skills and techniques. 

What do I need to know when sewing with lace?

With lace fabrics, you can see the seams from the outside as well, which is why particular care is warranted here. Here are some tips from the inspiration Magazine on how to finish your sewing allowances on the inside. The different fabric thicknesses of the lace and jersey, as well as the stretch in different parts of the same fabric, require the right accessories. On top, there are more than one method on how to binding seams. 


Make a statement with a personalized collar

Tips for collar darts and topstitching can help you to get a better sewing result. Of course, there is more to think of, but I like to share these with you today. Many parts in a pattern need stabilizer: sleeve cuff, collar, waistband, pockets. It gives more body to the finished garment and don’t ignore it.